While fucking liberals protest a Nazi getting fired for the neocons I'm looking to Mastodon to restore my faith in humanity.

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@useram169 one of my roommates was trying to get a babysitter so she could go

nah the leagues of coloured queer folx aint worth the marchin', but white man quits his job? HELL. TO. PAY.

I can't believe it. And he's not your average over privileged clueless white dude he's the fucking poster boy for modern american fascism. WTF is wrong with liberals.

@useram169 a lot, seemingly. liberal suburbanites live in fuckin fantasy whdre the elites will one day pick a prole shiny enough to burn for the blood god or some other byzantine cult shit. it's nauseating for how arrogant and tone deaf it consistently is, constantly apathetic to anythjng outside of the blue echoplex

@useram169 It's the firing of that particular conservative, which puts the further investigation into the *******d-in-chief's nefarious endeavors, that they are protesting. Think chess moves.

There is no fucking chess game in the world worth protesting for Nazi. He's not a "conservative" he's not a neocon he's a Nazi and ignoring everything he's doing for this crap investigation is sick. That's not even mentioning all the shit going on that they could be protesting about that would actually make a difference and all the major violations of our democracy that are being ignored for this empty obsession.

They won't show up for voter suppression of POC and low income communities, their media barely even mentions it, they won't show up for a million things that will make a difference but they'll show up for the Nazi. Even though our legal process is immune to public option and even if they get there way it just puts a different Nazi in office.

It's a chess game alright. A chess game of keeping the masses distracted and impotent while fascists make progress destroying our society that we already know is futile even of they win.

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