Not gonna hide it really, for the last few years I've just switched to a different Twitter account, which is I was figuring myself put regarding things like gender and such, and I was afraid and had no idea where the end would be, so I created a new acct. →

Just deactivated my FB account. Even though I was barely using it in the first place...

Can someone msg me whenever the ROM of the NES SimCity proto becomes publicly available so that I can adapt snescityeditor to work with it?

Weird. I was pretty sure the most important part of an American football game is the actual game, not the pre-game anthem or whatever.

If any of you have started to have doubts over whether I still run my other microblog accounts, don't worry: I still do.

Too bad they also refused to follow the same good social networks by claiming a threat to start war with NK is OK because "newsworthy".

The whole "140 is based on an SMS length" thing was weird IMO, given that SMS can also be 70 or 160 chars, depending on the char set.

So they're testing the ability to tweet 280 chars instead of 140.

Finally, Twitter is borrowing features from _good_ social networks.

What's up with this workplace? They turn off the elevators the moment the workday ends. If you're, like, 5 or 10 minutes too late, then sorry, gotta use the stairs now.

I heard "the elites" are engaged in some conspiracy to reduce the world's population.

…Seems solid (from an env. POV). How do I sign up?

Another amazing feature of Russian Railways: if you happen to need it at the wrong time (like an hour earlier), you may have to wait 45 minutes for a train.

Morbid thoughts 

Had an idea during a bout of insomnia and tried my hand at one of those comic things

With the weather getting worse and work making me too tired to go outside, seems like I'll have to switch to a different kind of exercise. I do happen to have a semi-functional (it works, but it doesn't have a display that would show time/distance/calories) exercise bike at home...

When using a public transportation card with a monthly fee, it is common for it to lock up for several minutes after use to prevent it from being used by more than one person.

Some services, like the Moscow bus network and the subway, set this to a reasonable 10 minutes.

But if you happen to enter a Russian Railways station, realize you forgot some stuff at home, go back and try entering a station again, you will be hit by an unpleasant surprise that _their_ lockout period is *40 minutes*.

OK: an anti-violence civil rights POV.

Not OK: an anti-violence civil rights POV from an org which was named after a pro-LGBT riot.

Oh, great, my mom spent the last 30 minutes watching a TV program about how everything great was actually invented by the Russians, but kept in secret or whatever...

After this kind of programming on national TV, no wonder people can believe whatever self-contradictory propaganda the state news channels are pumping into them.

Huh... Project Octopath Traveler looks pretty sweet. Definitely looking toward buying the full version whenever it comes out.

Weird. One of the printers at work, for some reason, shows complete nonsense on its LCD screen. (Said nonsense consists mostly of Cyrillic characters, but it is still nonsense even in Russian.)

Speaking of the NES, I actually made this fork of a small NES emulator named "nesalizer" that adds a small kinda mednafen-ish debugger to the whole thing.

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