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@tsurai Yeah, I think I got a bit carried away. The job, although I don't really like it, still pays really well.

(and I kinda forgot to mention that, the job also involves CUDA and OpenCL, which from my POV are both based on C.)

<< I'm already 24. It's too late for me to learn new stuff from scratch, there's more and more people willing to work in an environment with constantly lowering entry barriers, and given that computers in general are a relatively new invention, I can't rely on older programmers dying from old age! What do I do?

<< But on the other hand, if I had picked web dev, that would mean I would have to constantly learn all the new frameworks and features of the constantly evolving field.

A C program written 5 years ago still looks perfectly fine today, and the same can't be said for web apps. Smartphones, tablets, AJAX, HTML5, responsive design, node.js -- it's all going so fast, I'm surprised web developers don't all go insane after a few years.

Well, this sucks.

My first great career education mistake was when I didn't pay attention to web development -- back when I was finishing school, I didn't expect the Internet to become so important. As a result, now I'm stuck coding C at crappy government jobs.

And, if the article at (hbr.org/2017/07/liberal-arts-i) is true, looks like my second mistake was ignoring the soft sciences.

Maybe from now on I should delegate all career-choice-making to someone else...

@LottieVixen @codeawayhaley Gotta say, that does still look a bit confusing, given that in other languages, /= means "assign the result of division by ___".

@GinnyMcQueen @lifning According to these rules, seems like saying "White Facebook moderators whose names start or end with letters other than X are racist." is perfectly OK ;-)

@deshipu @LottieVixen Judging by what solutions they're making to stop piracy, I would be worried. What if they figure the best way to stop spam is to force DRM into email clients?

@LottieVixen @rachel @kellerfuchs Looks like NeoVim also has a built-in terminal emulator (which means it can do that), but I never used it.

@kellerfuchs as I said, use whatever you want, except Wine's notepad.exe.

@LottieVixen sorry if I sounded confrontational, it doesn't matter to me what editor others use, unless it's the version of notepad.exe bundled with Wine (in which case they should be mercilessly exterminated on sight).

@LottieVixen *looks at the cheat sheet* ...maaaaybe I should keep using Vim instead.

@ksmiles Sorry, I kinda suck at getting jokes today. :-(

@ksmiles Well, the difference is that by default your posts are visible on the profile page and to search engines.

However, you can use the globe icon to set particular posts to "followers-only" and then people will have to follow you to read them.

@ksmiles I also had a sort of commie phase in my first years of university thanks to a very commie dude who was in the same group as me, but these beliefs weakened as I found out he also believed in quite a number of pseudoscientific / conspiracy theories and relied on debunked studies.

@Shotagonist Indeed, it was.

Seems like the majority of my masto output nowadays is subtoots directed at the more radical elements of this social network's entire audience...

<< It's like Russia decided to keep all the worst parts of Soviet authoritarian socialism (repression of liberties, censorship, corruption) and add all the worst parts of extreme laissez-faire capitalism (imperialist ambitions, dysfunctional welfare, oligarchy, even more corruption).

For everybody who thinks is still an "anti-imperialist" power, here's a recent piece of news.

A company headed by one of Putin's close friends is contracting Assad's regime to receive access to oil reserves in in exchange for hiring Russian private defense contractors to "liberate" it from terrorists (and presumably also moderate rebels). rtvi.com/news/726-%C2%ABpovar-

All these "NSA is responsible for hiding the exploit" takes would've been way more valid if the hacks didn't all take place after the leak.

@Shotagonist @ksmiles This is from the mobile web interface, should also be available on the regular one.