I heard "the elites" are engaged in some conspiracy to reduce the world's population.

…Seems solid (from an env. POV). How do I sign up?

@usrlocalshare You haven't heard of the Voluntary Human Extinction Movement?

@alpacaherder I have (and the fact that I'm not planning on raising any children probably means I'm compliant with their agenda so far), but I was thinking more about the stuff conspiracy theorists think is the "real reason" behind increased awareness of LGBT people or family planning or sex ed or whatever else they dislike. Is this a new version of "the government created AIDS in a laboratory"? Long-lived #conspiracy_theory

@lnxw48a1 I guess. Depopulation seems to be such a wide topic in conspiracy theories, pretty much anything can be tied into it. Vaccines? Chemtrails? (as mentioned before) Sex ed or LGBT rights? GMOs? Water fluoridation? Non-natural ingredients in food products? Cellphones?

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