What's up with this workplace? They turn off the elevators the moment the workday ends. If you're, like, 5 or 10 minutes too late, then sorry, gotta use the stairs now.

@usr_local_share My job has four elevators and after 5 only one is running.

So, if you're leaving late, it's not uncommon to get on the elevator and go up to pick up more people then go back down and stop every floor

@usr_local_share Our elevators are so badly programmed that the building security claims they sometimes spend the entire night just going up and down on themselves. So maybe to prevent that :)

@pony I guess it's better than elevators going up and down on themselves while there are still people watching...

@usr_local_share from what I understand, they are supposed to make a trip time to time even empty so the oils stay fluid, components warm and whatnot. They just shouldn't do that all the night non stop.

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