Another amazing feature of Russian Railways: if you happen to need it at the wrong time (like an hour earlier), you may have to wait 45 minutes for a train.

Weird. One of the printers at work, for some reason, shows complete nonsense on its LCD screen. (Said nonsense consists mostly of Cyrillic characters, but it is still nonsense even in Russian.)

Recreated the old "Winners don't use drugs" screen. (CC0/PD)

Wikipedia _claims_ that the image in their article is public domain, but I think it might not be, since it was actually taken from Golden Axe (and we don't know whether the actual image used in that game was made by someone at the FBI or at SEGA).

When you make your first serious military cuts, you can become target of a coup -- which you can successfully defeat if you have enough popular support. I had this happen twice. But this time, looks like I dug so deep, the military was able to instantly overthrow me, without any decision screen that would usually pop up. (Given that it was already funded at like 1/3 of its Soviet 1985 level, you'd think such a situation would be even more unlikely.)

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Huh, that's weird. Right as 1994 started, the GNP dropped, but conditions in pretty much every area went out of the critical range. I presume this is because Russia no longer has to manage all the other republics?

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Well, that didn't last for long, though. Looks like the republics are still gonna secede, even if later than usual (in my game, Ukraine just seceded on March of 1993, which is 1.5 years after it happened IRL)

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Tried another run at "Crisis in the Kremlin". Managed to keep the USSR running into 1992 on a reformist pacifistic course, even if without the Baltics.

Sonic Mania 

Feels like there's something weird about this screenshot...

Sonic Mania (bugs) 

Aww, the game froze up just as I was finishing the special stage! (in ChairCam where available)

Heh. So like in early 2015, I created a Twitter account to mock Russian news/propaganda (and, to some extent, right-wingers in general). During that thing with the gamers and the gate, I made a few jabs at the movement, and apparently one dude got a bit upset at me. Yet, weirdly enough, he couldn't even do the simple thing of unfollowing me.

("vatnost" refers to sometimes stupid ways pro-Putin Russians act. A Russian version of being a redneck, I guess?)

The City of Moɔsow is getting ready to celebrate it's 870 year anniversary.

I still don't get why replaced the USAF symbol on Guile's stage with this thing. (Though it does look cooler.)

Aaaand I just beat all the stages. Guess the next task is to get all the emeralds.

First Puyo Puyo invaded Tetris, now they're in . I predict by 2020 all video games will be occupied by Puyo Puyo.

By the way, you know who else likes accusations of "professional protesters"? Hint: it's that country your prez keeps cosying up to.

Well, that's a milestone.

I made a console-based clone of that solitaire game from SHENZHEN I/O a few months ago (, and now I've accumulated 100 wins. I wonder how much time I could have spent doing actual work?

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