Not gonna hide it really, for the last few years I've just switched to a different Twitter account, which is I was figuring myself put regarding things like gender and such, and I was afraid and had no idea where the end would be, so I created a new acct. →

Just deactivated my FB account. Even though I was barely using it in the first place...

@weirdoslam @devurandom No. We're totally separate Russian 20-somethings with jobs in computer science with the same type of icon. Especially because I'm not queer.

Can someone msg me whenever the ROM of the NES SimCity proto becomes publicly available so that I can adapt snescityeditor to work with it?

Weird. I was pretty sure the most important part of an American football game is the actual game, not the pre-game anthem or whatever.

If any of you have started to have doubts over whether I still run my other microblog accounts, don't worry: I still do.

@lthms Well, I do know that it's a 2FA screen, it's just weird that I, not being located in or near France, suddenly got the French 2FA screen.

@fiatjaf IIRC that functionality is still there, except not advertised.

That's why, for example, users reported problems starting tweets with the word "M" (e.g. "M. Night Shyamalan"), because "M" is the command for sending a direct message and, in that specific example, is a suspended account.

Too bad they also refused to follow the same good social networks by claiming a threat to start war with NK is OK because "newsworthy".

The whole "140 is based on an SMS length" thing was weird IMO, given that SMS can also be 70 or 160 chars, depending on the char set.

So they're testing the ability to tweet 280 chars instead of 140.

Finally, Twitter is borrowing features from _good_ social networks.

@pony I guess it's better than elevators going up and down on themselves while there are still people watching...

What's up with this workplace? They turn off the elevators the moment the workday ends. If you're, like, 5 or 10 minutes too late, then sorry, gotta use the stairs now.

@lnxw48a1 I guess. Depopulation seems to be such a wide topic in conspiracy theories, pretty much anything can be tied into it. Vaccines? Chemtrails? (as mentioned before) Sex ed or LGBT rights? GMOs? Water fluoridation? Non-natural ingredients in food products? Cellphones?

@alpacaherder I have (and the fact that I'm not planning on raising any children probably means I'm compliant with their agenda so far), but I was thinking more about the stuff conspiracy theorists think is the "real reason" behind increased awareness of LGBT people or family planning or sex ed or whatever else they dislike.

I heard "the elites" are engaged in some conspiracy to reduce the world's population.

…Seems solid (from an env. POV). How do I sign up?

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