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Well, it's nice that the idea of universal healthcare is gaining traction in American politics.

I just hope that, if implemented, its effect on American economy (with the entire health insurance industry collapsing) won't cause its GDP to drop below China's.

Because if _that_ happens, then that will be a huge hit to the idea that, out of all currently used systems of government, liberal democracy provides the best results.

Tip: be careful and pick the correct tool in your bathroom. I just almost used shaving cream instead of deodorant...

Seems like my colleague, while knowledgeable in the actual software we develop, seems to have no idea as to the difference between a program segfaulting and it being OOM-killed.

Forgot to say this yesterday, but wow, is there a difficulty jump between C25K's week 3 and week 4.

At the end of week 3, you're jogging for 9m and walking for 9m. And at the start of week 4, it's 16m of jogging and 8m of walking.

I was barely able to finish day 1 yesterday.

@breton @cwebber We have very good ways - proportional corporate taxes and a basic income would do that and even plug in nicely with capitalism. The goal still would be profit, but at least profit wouldn't mean infinitely more wealthy than average, just above average. For all we know, reducing that standard deviation would only make things better.

What the heck is up with my sister? Whenever she comes here (usually to pet the cat or something like that), she always leaves a couple of surprises.

She almost never washes the dishes or cleans the room(s) after herself, and she raids the fridge like some sort of Mongol invasion.

She still owes me money, and has trouble keeping a job for longer than a couple of months. I try to be compassionate and patient, but both of these have a limit.

OTOH, she *does* make really good fries.

U.S. Politics 

Donald Trump still has more than 3 years to disprove what I wrote on my alt account back in September.

So looks like the money problems I and my family have been having are slowly coming to an end. Hopefully, this means that eventually I'll be able to bump up the donations I make on Patreon, as well as actually be able to make some of the more expensive purchases I've been waiting for (namely, an actual HDMI/DVI-D monitor).

Can match me, a ~4000 pts player, with someone other than ~3000 pt chumps or ~5000 pt gods?

Weird. I've been having some funny taste in my mouth for the last few days. I hope that doesn't mean I caught some sort of disease or something.

Looks like I underestimated my colleague. While I was out, she actually finished the task I barely started working on.

And now that I've forgotten half of what I should know, I'll have to rely on her guidance to get the rest done.

Ordered myself a pair of these thinner kind of touch screen styluses (the ones that actually resemble a pen). The item description said they're "universal" -- hopefully, they'll work with both my smartphone and the Switch.

Turns out,'s plain text email viewer actually resolves numeric links[1] so that they're clickable.


Oh, great. My attempt to talk to my (Russian) parents about racism in America just revealed that my grandmother (1) believes black people are inherently more violent because of "genetics" caused by centuries of slavery and discrimination (wtf?), (2) thinks human life on Earth didn't evolve, but was instead seeded from outer space (double wtf?).

Ugh. On one hand, I kinda *want* to see anarchist/libertarian socialism actually become a thing and show that you don't need GULAGs, massive state surveillance or censorship to provide enough for every citizen.

But why does it have to be in America? The United States is the pillar on which rests the world's economic and geopolitical stability. If said pillar crumbles, either via non-interventionism or the U.S. losing its top producer status, the consequences for the world will be disastrous.

Well, looks like today I'm finally getting the Switch dock back. Having to play in handheld mode from battery power kinda sucks.

Also, if such a prototype actually gets its ROM dumped and released online, then rest assured that a version of snescityeditor modified to work with this prototype will immediately start being developed ;-)

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Ah, yeah. Wanted to say: I would like to make a sorta-educated bet (based on the screenshots and videos we saw, as well as the technical specs of the NES), that the prototype NES version of SimCity:

1. Uses the MMC5 mapper to get 8x8 attribute data.
2. Provides a map size of around 96x80 tiles, as opposed to the SNES's 120x100.
3. Uses the same map compression the SNES version has (since I recreated it for snescityeditor, it does seem like it could be easily implemented in 8-bit).

Recreated the old "Winners don't use drugs" screen. (CC0/PD)

Wikipedia _claims_ that the image in their article is public domain, but I think it might not be, since it was actually taken from Golden Axe (and we don't know whether the actual image used in that game was made by someone at the FBI or at SEGA).

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