My loading bar for when the ice cream isn't a rock anymore. It was in the freezer.

Just want to share this with the world. Find it again after hunting it down.

surfin' GBA | Louie Zong

Took the subie to a shop today to get broken off bolts drilled out. Because jacking it up in the garage just isn't enough space to work unfortunately. Hopefully it's done before I'm done working.

I made the mistake of installing . Now I'm chasing what all it installed to purge it from my system. Talk about

I want to move out of country. I'll return when the United States starts over.

More sites these days are blocking people that use VPN's. why do you suppose they do that?
My favorite anime site has a portal where they want me to click a button because they see me using a VPN. Do they think I'm stupid enough to click it? Seriously, it's the entire page:

also, I totally just realized how full of crap I am. it was a and

anyone want to see a bunch of posts from my account back when I could post my screenshots? I played for a while and even tried to make a bit of a narrative.

Welp. Figured out why we can never win the fight against big tech. At least not for a while.

Just asked my parents what they thought about trying a Linux distro alongside their Windows in order to see if it could work for what they use their PC for.

Got a straight "No." from mom, and ignored from dad.

To delete or not to delete my Microsoft account? These big tech companies are truly getting out of hand.

"Windows 11 Home edition requires internet connectivity and a Microsoft account."

I'm sorry, what? Why should I be forced to use the internet and a Microsoft account? Unless Windows 11 is "free", this is anti-consumerism.

Haven't played in a couple years or so. It runs surprisingly well on a . It has claimed three hours of my night. Didn't even realize I was over an hour past my bed time...

working on bringing some radio to

what do you guys think? doing the editing between a handful of programs. isn't too bad, but struggles a bit on elementary. wonder if it's the same in all distros

Put the up on jack stands last night to pull the It's almost as tall as the dualie now!

Saw a post very recently about Firefox having sponsored tiles on the new page tab and laying off a bunch of people last year. Normally, I don't shill for anyone, but if you guys like Mozilla and what they do, please donate or set up recurring like I did.

I only do $10/month, so it's not like it's a drain on resources.

Dont get so hyped. I was told I only need to replace the carrier bearing and it'll be fine. Then got charged $40

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I feel like I'm the type of person to hire an escort just so we can have a good date and hold hands.

Why am I the way I am?

And the final, as of now, title screen vs the original. Running on the Flycast emulator, which is based on Reicast.

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