"Astronomers have found a huge ring structure looping around the nearby (...) galaxy M104, also known as the Sombrero Galaxy. It’s likely elliptical, encircling the entire galaxy and something like 370,000 light years along its long axis."


(The text is very easy to read.)

@manuelcaeiro time to start our Spartan program it sounds like

@manuelcaeiro not really irony. More like a joke. Before I read the article, it sounded like the ring world from Halo. Afterwards, I now know it’s just stars and junk, which isn’t quite as exciting.

> it’s just stars and junk, which isn’t quite as exciting
Yeah, reality can be so deceiving... 😉


@manuelcaeiro lol. Just let me dream of intergalactic warfare and a struggle for the survival of all mankind

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