Making a decision at the last second also means making a decision with the most amount of information.

Delay decisions until there’s a cost in delay.

— @.mmay3r /1

Fate whispers to the warrior, 'You can not withstand the storm.'

The warrior whispers back, 'I am the storm.'

WA /2

“If the news is fake, imagine history”

"History is written by the winners. No hope for objectivity there.

When I was a kid, I wondered how amazing it is that the good guys won all the important wars.

Then I realized."

"Until the Lions get their own historian, the history of the hunt will always glorify the hunter" ~ Chinụa Achebe

— @.AmuseChimp, @.naval, @.snird, @.otherfaceofgod /3

When people call you intelligent it is almost always because they agree with you.

— @.nntaleb /4

No matter what happens in the world,

You can believe the universe is fundamentally good and is there to help you.

...or you can believe the universe is fundamentally evil and is there to hurt you.

Either way you are right.

— @.eric_lombrozo /5

Intelligence consists in ignoring things that are irrelevant.

— Nassim Nicholas Taleb /6

You are in danger of living a life so comfortable and soft that you will die without ever realizing your true potential.

— David Goggins /7

The problem is not people being uneducated.

The problem is that people are educated just enough to believe what they have been taught, and not educated enough to question anything from what they have been taught.

— Richard Feynman /8

Wealth creation is an evolutionarily recent positive-sum game. Status is an old zero-sum game. Those attacking wealth creation are often just seeking status.

— @.naval /9

No man is a failure who is enjoying life.

-William Faulkner /10

A very useful heuristic, a potent filter:

When someone criticizes you, train to immediately ask yourself: "Would I rather be him/her, or I'd rather be me?" before taking the remark at face value. It works wonders.

— Nassim Nicholas Taleb /11

The GOOD thing about not investing in yourself is you get to keep the money.

The BAD thing about not investing in yourself if you get to keep your problems.

— @.FitFounder /12

Being yourself means choosing integrity over conformity.

— @.SvenSchnieders /13

Control your Breathing,
Or your Breathing will control you.

Control your Diet,
Or your Diet will control you.

Control your Vices,
Or your Vices will control you.

Control your Thoughts,
Or your Thoughts will control you.

Control you Emotions,
Or your Emotions will control you.

— @.AscendantPower /15

Our perception of reality has less to do with what’s out in the world and more to do with what’s inside our minds.

— @.Kpaxs /16

If you want to make the wrong decision, ask everyone.

— @.naval /18

Fast from phones

Fast from people

Fast from food

Get into nature and nourish your soul

— @.CarvingThought /19

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@v0 trumpsters and QAnon cucks question everything and they're uneducated as fuck. Your thesis collapses.

@AvvieLanche @v0 We currently face a crisis not of ignorance(lack of information) or wisdom(knowing what to do when). The crisis we face is that of epistemology (determining how do we know what we know).

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