RT @CanMNews@twitter.com: Canadian Forces retailer (CANEX) warns customers to check credit cards after 'malicious attack' | CBC News bit.ly/2Qvcenx

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RT @earthskyscience@twitter.com: All you need to know about the Geminid meteor shower! β˜„οΈ The peak of the shower is coming up on the mornings of December 13 and 14. Read more: bit.ly/2FWSAM3 πŸ‘“

Photo via John Ashley. πŸ“Έ
John's website: bit.ly/2BZr38K

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Microsoft’s new Chromium-based browser will support Chrome extensions.
Microsoft cdn.mobilesyrup.com/wp-content
Following confirmation that Microsoft would change its Windows 10 browser, Edge, to ... pluspora.com/p/371580

Google+ bug gave developers access to non-public data from 52.5M users.
Google+ techcrunch.com/wp-content/uplo
Google+ was a bit of a disaster for the company when it was still alive, and now that it’s walking dea... pluspora.com/p/371302

RT @CanMNews@twitter.com: Feds to move military testing from Alberta to Ottawa, but Cold Lake politicians say they’re in the dark bit.ly/2El5Kkq

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Elon Musk says he may be interested in buying some closing GM plants tmblr.co/ZzyLxu2eW9Hn_

RT @CTVNews@twitter.com: Biway is set to be resurrected in 2019 with new $10 or less store ctv.news/mVrdusF

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RT @globeandmail@twitter.com: Facebook gave RBC, other companies preferential access to users' data, documents show dlvr.it/QswhhR

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Marriott's breach response is so bad, security experts are filling in the gaps β€” at their own expense tcrn.ch/2Q8UFtl via @techcrunch@twitter.com

RT @OPP_COMM_CR@twitter.com: COLLISION: Hwy 115 between Hwy 35 and Boundary Rd : Reports of multiple collisions in area. ^kw

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RT @KevinFrankish@twitter.com: So I'm driving north, minding my own business, when I saw this.

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RT @IRIS_EPO@twitter.com: This is another ground motion visualization showing the motion of the ground recorded by the USArray during the Anchorage earthquake (usarray.org).

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