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Hey my fellow Indians,
please stay calm.
May PEACE prevail.

To all the girls I knew,
If you are in any problem then don't hesitate to call me even if we don't talk or have differences regarding something.
I will always be there to help.
It's Mastadon and I don't know you personally but would be happy to help.

Let's help each other and save Humanity.

Hey I am trying to gather people for the screening of in Lucknow.
People interested can contact me.
It's a gem.
Anyone who knows someone in Lucknow interested in watching the movie is most welcome.
@Deepsealioness @imMAK02 @IndiasMuslims please boost to spread the word.

@IndiasMuslims please watch this gem. but a warning its not for the lighthearted,

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I watched and its not for lighthearted people but a sure masterpiece. its available on movie saints website for a mere 100 rupees. do watch it and support Independent cinema.

Life is just moving on.... am having my insecurities regarding my future but I think again why I chose it and it gives me courage to move forward. Life will continue and am not going to give up.

Why is it that no-one wants to accept the other person as he/she is ????
And why again.

This is possibly the largest number of people booked for sedition at one time in one district anywhere in India.

How did this slip below the radar?

Read our >>>
Hey read this.... amazing a person followed by Piyush Goyal's office twitter handle is accepting there is corruption in education department?🤔🤔!!!!!!😂😂
Had some real facts put in front of him and he is arguing for the sake of it!!!
@imMAK02 @Deepsealioness

angry at the way that the police carried out the lathicharge. this is UNACCEPTABLE. PERIOD!

Hi. By way of #Introduction, I would love to connect with fellow printmakers, artists, writers, gardeners, Welsh speakers/learners, LGBTQIA+ and those with irreverent senses of humour. I have passed on my world-saving batton to those who are younger, less disillusioned than me, and have decided my job is to cheer you on from the side lines and hand out segments of oranges when it all gets a bit much. I’m a great mentor, encourager and validator. Probably because I’m desperate for someone to do that for me. Feels don’t scare me, but people who don’t give a shit do. Most worrying thing about my life at the moment is I’m spending it stoned out of my head on carabamazapine (coz Trigeminal Neuralgia) and that I have not worked out where to over-winter my scented geraniums (pelargoniums) that grew like stink this summer. Pic is a monoprint I did of Talley Abbey last year, nr Llandeilo, West Wales - where I live. (A dw i dysgu Cymraeg. Hapus i amarfer gyda ti)

Met @sanjayuvacha in a wedding reception last night, had a very interesting conversation on privacy and freedom of expression in corporate social media platforms and the scope of constitutional and legal remedies when it's curbed.

He is pretty confident on his legal fight ahead. Whether he succeeds or not, that would become a landmark one. He was very vocal about the uniqueness of @Mastodon too. Thanks sir.

Neflix , prime and hotstar have become the TRIDEV of my life 🤘

@vaaditya60 Request Follows

And get a follow back from that handle

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