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I made a new account for mathematics and scientific works that I'm planning for a project in the future and I hope to share with all of you. @valdecast

Go if you want to follow me. :) Thank you.

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"Our real death is the death of our hearts" - Hiroyuki Takei

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"The search for knowledge is our in genes." - E.O Wilson.

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"While there is life, there is hope" - Stephen Hawking.

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"Never let your sense of morals prevent you from what is right" - Isaac Asimov.

The last book. I'm quite scared of read the latter.
I enjoyed and I can't believe I have read during a month. Almost 9 books. Let's see how it will be its end. I understand why Conan wanted to kill him I learn about Moriarty was based on. I know what is based on in Watson. Damn. I wish I knew before this wonderful story of Sherlock Holmes.

Since I am getting addicted to Sherlock Holmes. I want to be like him a good observer around my environment. I don't know if I should take the path being a Detective. I am curious on forensic science and computer. They seem interesting for me. But still not made my grand decision.

I explained the kid, and he was laughing and I told him: "don´t do that, bro." It´s something serious, little. I just wanted to protect you for your family.

I retreat now about "The valley of fear", that was fucking good one, fucking Jack. It made me feel you were a stupid guy but, wow...... That was well played to foul me, bastard.

If this happens one day in real life I am going to punch them for not making a good job. 

"The Valley of Fear" I detest these characters a lot. Not my Watson and Holmes -- I love them. I hate too much the inspector MacDonald which has not criteria to carry on a good investigation. Therefore, Douglas, an asshole to have joined a gang.

That inspector is a truly example how bad he is when I identify as one of the worst cops as nowadays.

I must admit the story is very interesting one.

I´ve been for around almost one year playing Pokémon Go.

This year was supposed to be I must have walked more to lose weight. Also, to reach level 40, which I could have been now, but lack of strategy for making friends. I'm level 37. I have some goals for the next year.

I learnt a lot of English. I know I´m good and I can better than I was yesterday.

Time to finish "The return of Sherlock Holmes". I now get to know how it commences the world of forensic. I´m quite interested to study.

I've beem in my room for five years ago without hanging with anyone. And today they have anxiety. I think they learn how theh feel others people are in depression and all of it. That what deserves to learn.

People that don't wield facemask, probably they're ignorant. The worst of all is that they think is a hoax. Therefore they still laugh as nothing happened. I'm freaking disappointed. Well, pray see how it goes this pandemic.

I can´t understand any bloody word how politicians speak about certain reform towards computer topics. But seriously, I understand about piracy. Seriously Mexico, you need to learn how to speak and specify certain topic or theme.

Never thought I would love so much Sherlock Holmes and John Watson. Perhaps one day I inspire of them with current epoch. I think I want to learn more of it on medicine topics and technology topics.

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I forgot today July 7, it was his anniversary of his death of Arthur Conan Doyle. I´m enjoying very much his works and I learnt many things despite Holmes is cold man that he´s becoming a soft man. Yes, I am gonna read again to study correctly because I am learning as Watson is doing. I´ve ideas that I found some keywords that are relevant for me to a good work.

Well, let's continue this story of a brilliant detective.

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At the top of the water fall is the end of the valley – this is where all the water is collected. Sorry for posting three very similar pictures. I just can’t pick my favorite one.

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Let´s continue with "The returning of Sherlock Holmes". I was worried as Watson that Holmes dies but no. It was incredible narrative how happened between Holmes and Moriarty. Damn, Conan, you´re a master of making story-telling a very nice one. I´m interested more on English literature. Wow.

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