My city's two universities (and one polytechnic) are merging and our new brand is disgusting.

The whole thing – especially that emoji face – has been a meme from the beginning.

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@schmittlauch Right now everything feels and looks like a mess.

We are merging some of our systems so basic email works but mailing lists, shared files, logging out etc. seems to be broken.

Some of my biotechnology friends took classes with medical students last fall (some kind of pilot I guess). It didn't work out either.

But we're getting there. It's only day 6.

@schmittlauch Faculties, curriculums, courses and course credits are redesigned. We also lose and gain some majors iirc. But it takes more time to see how these play out.

@valdemartti Good luck then. The university has to run dual-stack for several years anyways

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