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I cranked this out just for you. Happy Christmas.

Things might have gone differently if the neural net I trained to generate Christmas movies had not previously been trained on horror movies.

For Gen-Z and younger millennials, there's actually a lot of social cachet attached to being an "influencer," i.e. hawking some brand's wares, i.e. selling out. According to that Atlantic article, it's now gone so far that people are *pretending* to sell out, to try to impress their friends or land sponsorships. For anyone from Gen X this would be downright baffling.

"Just a little house in the middle of nowhere" by Simorico #pixelart

Krita 4.1.7 released Fixed the strange bug that makes the Qt network manager want to access your wifi, and worked around the Qt 5.12 crash.

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Tired: The year of the Linux desktop

Wired: The year of the Fediverse

Inspired: The year of the Fediverse running on the Linux desktop

Today is the 50 anniversary of "the mother of all demos", given by Douglas Engelbart. In 1968, he decided to skip 40 years of technological progress and introduce the internet, markup languages, the mouse, collaborative editors and videoconferences in just one hour and a half. Just amazing.

@natecull The twelfth month is called "December" because the Roman year used to start in March (also why leap year occurs at the end of February). July and August replaced Quintillus and Sextillus, IIRC.

I think finding connections with our ancient past is awesome.

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