Selfie. Eye contact. Boost ok 

Experimenting with other hair products to find the perfect black hairstyle for me. Opinions?

Selfie, EC 

To clarify, this is not cultural appropriation! I am a blonde and citrus flavoured femboy!! 🙇🏼

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cw selfie, ec, boosts appreciated 

if you're seeing this
you're gay

Old selfie 

My Afro is way longer now but I like this selfie quite a lot. It was my first time ever going to an Afro barbershop

By the way. Today the one game a month jam started and I’m thinking on doing a thread with my progress. Are threads a thing in mastodon or…?

After 10 fights against EX3….still no mount. Starting to believe it’s a lie, like the cake

Today one game a month jam will start and I’m already questioning myself about it I’ll be able to create something. Also here’s my cat

My experience with Escape from Tarkov:
> 5 minutes as SCAV
> 10 minutes as regular player
> Some other player killed us
> Saw in an article this game doesn’t have skilled based matchmaking
> Uninstall

In a couple of days, one game a month jam will be up. Maybe I should try to do something after my HauntedPS1 failed attempt…

QA is one of the key parts in the whole game creation (and soft dev) process and yet we are usually treated like second class with low pay wages or way less benefits than other employees.
Fortunately, these colleagues are fighting for a union. Good luck BioWare QAs, all my support is with you

I think it is time for #translucent tech to do a come back. Don't you think?

Hola ! Mira, esto puede ser de tu interés el hilo entero está relacionado con evitar gentuza

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