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Jumping back on Mastodon to say boy this Tolstoy guy doesn't like Napoleon much for some reason. I can't quite figure it out but he's quite eager to stress how Napoleon barely pays attention to anyone but himself and cannot imagine he is ever wrong about something

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There are hot singles in YOUR area.

This is your only warning.

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just once I'd like to see time travellers on a sci-fi show travel to the past and immediately start just REELING from what the past smells like

like, can you imagine just going back to an airport lounge in 1970? your entire face would collapse in on itself like a neutron star trying to keep the nicotine out

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Okay so the new and the old Westworld both answer dominant anxieties of the time.
New Westworld: What if online is bad?
Old Westworld: What if women are hornt?

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Lifehack for the writer of Moby Dick to make that book not an overrated suck:

1) Remove the character Captain Ahab

2) Replace with Captain ACAB

Reading books is however much I do it there’s too many of them and I didn’t do enough at all times

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Jameela Jamil is on the latest Why Won't You Date Me episode and i'm listening to it. Usually hearing an RP Accent makes me want to commit a murder but this time it is okay.

*adds three tweets to another tweet thread* how does one come up with things to toot about

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everything i read about ghostbusters convinces me that in every universe but ours, it was an absolutely terrible movie

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From hellsite 

socrates was basically one of those guys who roll into unrelated conversations with 'what's your source for this? can you define this common concept?' but he got away with it because he accosted people irl and not online and was hella swole

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The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire by the Coward Robert Ford

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Through the darkness of future's past,

The admin longs to see.

One toots out between two instances...

"Fire boost with me."

Real baller move in your book on the late Ottoman Empire to cite and reference your own earlier book on the Young Turks pre-revolutionary organization, respect

I only have 69% of War and Peace left (nice) but that means I’ve read the equivalent of over two novels already

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This is a subtoot, because I can’t reply to the original toot without getting a headache, but it also works as a PSA:

Do not post blinking gifs without marking them as sensitive media and hiding them behind a suitable CW (e.g. “stroboscopic”, “blinking lights” or “seizure warning”).

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