Boost This Picture of Xena and Seven of Nine to raise awareness of the Nineties

@rushkeating very true (and this came up in the interview conducted with the actresses at the same time as this photo shoot)

@valondar I don't think people are ready for the 80's yet. This is a good segway into it.

Seeing this is like being fired out of a time-cannon, straight back to puberty

@valondar This picture is like... half of my personality. Easily.

@valondar I want to forget the 90s. That's when my autoimmune disorder manifested and I was constantly seeing doctors who gave me a bazillion different diagnoses, which led to me not being accepted as disabled because the board decided without a definitive diagnosis I wasn't sick enough to be approved for disability. Thisn despite numerous hospitalizations. So sorry.

@valondar Pretty typical for people with autoimmune disorders unless you have serious Lupus or MS. I know a lot of people who were denied who had a diagnosis. You know who they auto approve? Anyone who gets pancreatic cancer (like my wife) because they don;t expect you to live long enough to receive benefits. Too bad for them she survived, even if chemo gave her TBI. One more reason to have and

@valondar Help! Please, someone! I am getting atherosclerotic from all that cheese!

@valondar I once read a description of the 90's that went something like:

"That brief period between the fall of the Berlin wall and 9/11, during which history was supposed to have ended"

And, yeah.

I didn't boost because you hit the magic number. Faved instead to give you love.

@valondar Somehow I'd forgotten about the bits about 7 of 9 in that famous Ron Moore interview about Voyager until recently when I found myself re-reading it, nodding along going "as always RDM you are Correct".

@keithzg You can really see the genesis of how he'd treat Number Six in his view of Seven

@valondar how else would we know? the 90s was like 643 years ago, right?

@valondar Amazing how the two best networks in 90s television, UPN and The WB, collapsed into each other while retaining only the worst of both.

@valondar Nice, but now I want Gabrielle + Willow. For... reasons.


I just saw Xena reruns on the other night and I don't understand why it hasn't been in reruns on multiple channels all this time. These shows were created to be reruns.

And where is Briscoe County, Cleopatra 2525, and Jack of All Trades?

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