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to be real for one sec if you romanticize nasty shit when it comes to shipping fictional characters (yall know what im talking about) then give me that block because i think you're literally disgusting and want you no where near me

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Pinned post hey can you like grow a brain and stop defending pedophilia, banning people for talking against pedophiles, and basically telling csa victims to eat shit because you think pedophiles are more important or something? just a thought

i woke up this morning and berries was up and i was like holy shit yes but then i noticed no on on local updated in hours and then it went down again

can someone PLEASE explain why everyone moved to berries while i was away

if i dont get to see spiderman into the spiderverse this weekend i'll cry

whenever i get online and read whats happening in local i turn into that picture of ben affleck smoking

Sexualities Represented by: Swings!
Straifht people anad Homo Sexual s: swimg one way
Panseuxal:swinggs ever way
demiseixuiasl siwffnrgs jhjjjkhj sfhsjeoihfisuea ksjfhjhefueb kasdjhieiuhjoieu

me after touching a hot lava lamp out of curiosity and it predictably makes my hand sting a little bit:

this site will never be as funny as it was dec. 3rd ever again

everyones moved off social to other instances but i literally just do not care enough to

for someone who literally never gets to go see movies in theaters i sure am overly excited for movies to come to theaters

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