When asked about Tamilisai Soundarajan, look at his attitude towards a state president of his own party. In fact, he reiterates that it has to be the centre or Delhi that has to decide.

India is not one nation. It is union of multiple nationalities. Such attitudes shown by people like him is making clear that BJP's agenda is Hindi Imposition, Brhamanical Imposition and anti-federalism.

- @prashere


NVIDIA Jetson Nano: a $99 board with a 128-core Maxwell GPU capable of 472 GFLOPS. With support for PyTorch.

are there any scene graph based application written in python, other than games?

Announcing #thiral - gitlab.com/demonshreder/thiral

This is supposed to be many things for the #free software #movement in #India.

Focus for now would be member - registration, profile and meeting management.

Dunno how to integrate multiple state level movements for experiment for iterative development, as #ActivityPub would be a long term goal.

Made with #Clojure using #Pedestal.

Potato, Potahto | Let's Play Equilinox - Part 09
▶VIDEO: youtu.be/exG3RSCDNW4

Without plants there would be no animals. New biomes require new plants but even existing biomes have some surprises left.


Releasing #column, a #web app #leiningen template based on #pedestal for #clojure.

It has ragtime, HugSQL, hikari-cp, postgresql & hiccup in it.

Should serve as a good starting point for people looking into pedestal.

people, please boost this socialhub post as we've got something we'd like to figure out about and resource-sharing between federated instances: socialhub.network/t/keeping-bu

Pixelfed Labs, a community org and incubator dedicated to:

- build experimental features
- establish working groups to improve the core project (ie: Abuse Prevention, Accessibility, Privacy, Youth Safety, Dark Pattern Prevention)
- make contributing easier

Launching in March!

Check out a few extensions that can help keep you organized.

(Also, don't forget to clear out the old ones that no longer spark joy.)

t.co/ey2i2ZPvtc tweeted by @Firefox

@garbados @dankwraith I think it's critical to recall that open source =/= free software. This is a big reason I license most of my stuff AGPL. Yes, the code is out there for Amazon/Google/Facebook to see, but their own corporate policies require that they don't use it, and if they do, they have to give me back all their improvements.

Don't use permissive licenses and this ceases to be a problem.

Courtesy: fb.com/sohamc2

Sharing v1 of Bengali News Dataset with everyone. This is a collection of text from Bengali news articles. It can be used for language modeling and classification tasks, in case anyone wants to try.

Link to dataset: [kaggle.com/…/classification-be]
Starter Code: [kaggle.com/…/how-to-train-a-be]
github: [www.github.com/soham96/Banga2Vec]

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