So the other day I saw someone here on Twitter complain about downgrading due to randomly popping sound coming from their MBP. Well, now I know what they referred to. Crap.

Maybe we should stop going to the US for holiday or for work, as long as this is the norm.

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RT I plan to redo as much of my stats app as possible, as soon as possible. My storyboards are so fragile, slow to load, and extremely hard to work on now.

I feel like most of my views will be fairly easy to recreate in SwiftUI.

We just launched our iOS 13 UI Kit 🎉

Including all the exciting(!) changes introduced by Apple at WWDC19.

Download for Sketch and Photoshop 👉

🔣 Ready for use with SF Symbols
🌓 Dark and Light Mode
✅ Cleverly organized files for maximum ease-of-use

The inevitable consequence of annual feature releases. Huge amounts of work happen in secret and by the time anyone sees it, it's far too late to change any basic assumptions.

This changes everything. How long has this been here? /c

We are proud to show you the first preview of 3.0.
This is the result of more than a year of research and development, a big step forward to face the future.
Find more information here:

Druhé setkání uživatelů v Praze se koná ve středu 26.6. ve Standard Cafe. Registrace a program na

iOS 13 beta 2 didn’t improve SF Symbol quality. I think there’s two separate issues: The clipping, which is fixable. And, the blurriness, which is not fixable while continuing to use the same technique.

Some more ARKit 3 body segmentation, now with extra particles.


Magnibox is a colourful and challenging puzzle game about a magnet that's also a box. Hand-crafted for your brain to enjoy!


In iOS 13 you can now set your cornerRadius to continuous corners (aka squircle or superEllipse). Just set MyUIView.layer.cornerCurve = .continuous
And it's animatable too! So no more ugly corners!

SVG will replace Flash in 2001.
What’s your biggest miss so far in tech? In terms of a totally wrong / bad prediction

One huge new Xcode 11 improvement: it actually shows the darn pixel sizes on blank asset catalog assets. Somebody deserves a cookie for that

Finally, the initial implementation of the backend was merged in master. Even despite being in an initial stage the final result is spectacular dealing with working on the abstraction! Congratulations team!

The new XAML editor in VS Mac 8.2 is mint 😙👌

The team should be incredibly proud of it, it’s a quantum leap in quality from the existing editor (not disparaging the old editor though!).

Amazing to see just how fast VS Mac is improving these days 🎊

"Monitor is UP: (link: It was down for 164 hours, 39 minutes and 46 seconds."


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That moment when you realize you have shut down your virtual server to make a snapshot a WEEK AGO and forgot to turn it back on. Now it's super-clear to me I don't need hosting at all.

This thread is heartwarming and awesome. Building products with the simple goal of being awesome and useful remains pretty powerful. Good old days.

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