There are more and more news about new OS . It's going to be the future way of dealing with G-services.

So the question!
Have you heard anything similarly groundbreaking from ?

Are they going to fast-forward to and bring the bright future of the human-machine integrated future or whatever? Or are they just shifting to be an entertainment + health tracking company?

I believe the time of iPhone is over, therefore something new should be baking in the secret kitchen...

@vanyok Android is so crappy and also open source, so Google NEED TO create new OS.

They interested in control of users and their data.

iOS already good enough and closed source so Apple doesn’t need to invent anything in this field.

@vanyasem @fat0troll I understand one of the main innovations (?) of is another approach (paradigm?) to the working space. As they say there will be no icons or apps in our classical understanding. But some [elements and workers, or whatever other smallest chunks of information] will be used. The interface and also logic behind the surface will work diffrently. Seamless integration with core Google servers, AI-based interaction and constant analysis of user information and behaviour...

@vanyasem @fat0troll and iOS is still "old-school". Even it may be great, even now it's more solid and less fragmented, whatever... But what's next? Any rumors what Apple will put against Google in this battle?

@vanyasem @fat0troll not so sure, my dear friend. and are not loosing the game. They have damn huge market share and they collect more and more user info. (And we know: information is power!) And they keep on growing.

@vanyasem @vanyok а в душе не ебу, стартовый пост был на английском, вот и хуярим

@fat0troll @vanyasem выпендриться. :) На самом деле нет. :)

Я даже тегов добавил для кучи. Надеюсь, что кто-то из интернационального федиверса тоже подключится и накидает каких-нибудь слухов и домыслов. :)

@vanyok @vanyasem better “old-school” than mass survelliance directed by company which main business is to sell ads.

@fat0troll @vanyasem the trick is in services provided to end users. If that'll be comparable to services - that's great. But if for any reason services will suck next to - that'll be sad. My research is in it: what Apple will answer?...

@fat0troll @vanyasem it's just the part of the answer. There are much more than TV and enterntainment (home devices, smart home, behaviour analysis incl location and search and whatever, personal assistant, managing personal and social data and so on).
But entertainment is also a part of it of course. One of questions I've mentioned: is Apple just going to become an entertainment media company (vs Netflix, Google Music etc) or will also continue to fight a bigger war?...

@vanyok @vanyasem the last point — analysis of user’a behavior — is why I prefer iOS

I am smart enough, and don’t need bullshit spying on me for whatever reason. I hate Google because of their will to spy on me every single second. So please God let Apple avoid such “innovations”.

@fat0troll @vanyasem yes, sure, that's all correct, and I agree with you.

The question here if will develop their tools and services in such a way that personal info is not disclosed, but also at the same time provide a high class services (maybe powerful enough for local AI etc?) equal or better than .

I even don't ask about alternatives. Even not about and vendors/developers.

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