Toot v1.6 is out!

This release is a collection of smaller features and bugfixes. What is new is:

* It is now possible to approve follower requests for locked accounts in the app.
* Loading and caching timelines has been improved and is now more robust. This should hopefully resolve some rare bugs.
* The profile screen of a user will now list your relationship with them, such as whether you are following each other, or if you have blocked them.

* You can now hide boosts from users you follow, and select accounts to feature on your profile.
* You can now open the profile of the person who boosted or favourited one of your toots from the notifications screen.
* Added links to the web UI for editing your profile and filters on the settings screen.
* Fix a startup crash on old devices.

Toot v1.6.1 is also out!

A few people noticed that 1.6 was showing some extra errors that turned out to be spurious. That should be fixed in this version.


@tootapp hi, little request, please:

in the Follow requests section - make avatar and address clickable to instantly open the profile of requestor.

Thank you so much.

@tootapp thanks for checking and fixing it in the next release. Keep on doing the great job!✋

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