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hello new users in Yves the local top, I'm a lesbian, my gf overflows with nightmarish cursed power, I live in the well with Truth

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*i open my mouth and the sound of a kickball smacking asphalt comes out*

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Y'all ever just think about girls and you're like, "woah."

Vegans are so fucking obnoxious when they resort to shit like gore and "ur a bad person if u don't do it" fuck off

Greatly enjoying this old timey picture of a cat and it's "hey you woke me up. Fuck Off." energy

If u play brush chances are u squid party and piss off ur team

So since Thanksgiving is bogus, fun fact it's Indigenous People's Day. Come take a peek and see where u are on a native land map. Sorted by territory, language, and treaty. It's always a good time to come learn about the people who know this land best. We're all on Turtle Island anyway.

I should learn how to make ugly art so newspapers will give me money to illustrate for them

Fuck Columbus and Fuck Lewis and Clark and Fuck Alexander Mackenzie and Fuck David Thompson and Fuck Samuel de Champlain and basically Fuck Today but thanks for the PTO.

Been consulting on some kind of supernatural infestation or oppression for the majority of this week. Bit of an odd group to deal with, seems like it's been spreading from one location. Things seem targeted outdoors so I'm a little anxious in assisting.

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