I like thinking I can create horror stuff, but I know I'd fail at it in practice. I've done gore/shock stuff but it's not the same, the people who can do horror are just mmm good shit, knowing how to mess with the psych nice stuff

My bf got me one of those mini skillets after I talked about how I miss having one. They're so nice with cooking for one

Been more depressed last few days, I always hate because then I just sleep all day or lay around looking at the wall instead of doing literally anything else, including eating, which just makes me even more sluggish

I've ultimately decided against doing art for money, it's never been rewarding, I'm not motivated by cash alone.

Sheetz added themselves to my local Doordash and they've become the cheapest option. One of the only few good options on this damn app

I want to make a new profile picture. The furry one is good, but maybe I do a symbol or other non-character

Kinda wish I had more to say here, but I never have much going on outside of roommates being annoying. Everything else is all boring or personal

I had to surrender my cat to a shelter earlier this month. I miss him. I keep reminding myself of it by looking at my online journal and just seeing a dip in the mood on that day. Hopefully won't be a problem after this month, I don't want to be sad over this...

Debating if I want to do art related work again...

I've been trying to unfuck my sleep schedule, but everyone else in this house also sleeps all day so I feel like I can't do anything without waking them up too. In reality most of them are heavy sleepers but my brain doesn't factor that in

Keep getting myself sick lately, I need to take a hard look at my diet.

So I managed to learn a new art program and that's cool and all, but it's still slower and sloppier than what I've become use to... So making art hasn't felt right to me. Sucks because it's stopping me from just doing it whenever I feel like it, I have to feel like doing art AND working with the new program. So maybe I look for another program still

Huh, can't login here on my laptop. I signed up for it there, unsure what the issue is.

Burning my eyeballs making a carrd over the last two hours, just to settle on the most basic design.

Hm. Deciding I'm going to make a carrd so I have a place to show examples of my artwork without linking to a gallery site people may or may not be able to see. I don't heavily use those sites anymore anyway. Something something art environments feel too hostile/open now, instead of being little hang outs for artists.


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