Instead of posting stuff on and then having a bot or something link it here, why not post a here and then have a bot crosspost it to Twitter? That way we get the original post and people on get to say, "Hey, what's this stuff I'm seeing all the time now?"

- Le rondini, i falchi, i passeri che svolazzano urlando;
- il muretto sul burrone con quattro piante diverse che vi si arrampicano;
- i Faun in cuffia e il desiderio di ballare attorno a un fuoco;
- l'aria che profuma di nettare;
- gli insetti minuscoli che ti si posano sulle dita;
- le nuvole paffute, color pesca e violetto;
- io che rischio di farmi arrotare perché cammino col naso all'insù.


Being a and generally really knowledgeable about = people won't listen to you about tech.

Being a medical doctor = people WILL listen to you about tech.

Hmm, my own from the server I abandoned is probably going to just be confusing, especially when I'm using the same profile picture.

I wish there was a way to my / when switching / but I understand that might not be ideal for profiles that have thousands of toots.

Well, I ran a of my own for a bit, but in the end decided I didn't really want to spend the time doing maintenance on something when .social already has a pretty great setup. And really, they are already the I would have eventually ended up blocking anyway.

"i'm ugly."

"i'm not special."

"i'm a loser."

"i hurt someone, so i'm bad"



nothing is forever.

neither are you.

change is what life is about.

even if you're old.

@dsoft I saw your Google Play Store review. Just an FYI, you can add multiple accounts by tapping and holding on your profile picture and selecting "Add account".

Really, , you sound super butthurt over having to abandon your grand worldwide face database. "The Face Recognition setting is no longer available and the experiences it made possible have been disabled." Oh boo-hoo. We won't be able to have those "experiences" anymore.

Good evening!

Walking while trying to attract attention because it's pay day and it's Friday

@wolfi What instance were you on before? My biggest struggle is working with relays. I've joined a few but I don't think the big ones like are on any relays, so I'm trying to see the best way to get plugged into the fediverse.

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