Outlets like Salserisimo Perú, reference "raza latina" when discussing salsa and identity. I think we do talk about "Latin America" but when talking about what we do, not what we are. youtube.com/watch?v=iEU0fyDxpn

Angela Davis & Judith Butler addressed an ambivalent situation at the 2017 Oakland Book Festival. They were honest (not sweeping the problem under the rug) and pedagogical (clarifying the issue and posing alternatives). youtube.com/watch?v=-MzmifPGk9

It's quite difficult to find news about "Latin America" from a latinamerican (or latinx) POV. It seems like we don't produce content ourselves, but we are imagined from other's perspectives. An example is DW's coverage: youtube.com/watch?v=s7OCM0Zzx7


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