@vascorsd OMG, this kind of people are so annoying. Luckily after latest Facebook stories their number is for the first time starting starting to get down.
Not enough to generalize the use of PGP, but that a progress. At least they're coming on Mastodon.
Reminds me I should add my public PGP id in my description.

@vascorsd I didn't know this whole story about Amsterdam during WWII, but that's true here in the Netherlands companies and administration is much more cautious about personal data and privacy than in Belgium or France.

@abouix yeah, it's not the first time I've read about that story. Hopefully we should all be learning something from it.

@vascorsd "If someone says they have nothing to hide, ask them to unlock their phone and give it to you for ten minutes. If they hesitate they will have realized it’s nice to keep some things to yourself."

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