Thought of the day: everyone praises that being a developer is easy cuz there's so much work around, but it's so damn hard to find something that doesn't corrupt your soul, smashes your ethics and doesn't compromise your morals. Ignoring that yeah, there's lots of jobs around 🙄

@vascorsd There is much work around, which is worth doing, and is good for the mental and other aspects of health, but it usually isn't paid… bah

@amiloradovsky it seems that way. It kinda makes one feel strangled without any real choices 😕

@vascorsd The question is, who decides what is worth doing and why.
Arguably this isn't the people themselves collectively, as the popular legend suggests, because of a catalytic effects.

Some other questions are
- is this really widely understood, or we're just few percents, living in a bubble and fantasizing
- if not, what to replace the existing social structure with, a positive definition
- what the transition process should be, besides the obvious, talking about it and doing small things

You write some difficult topics and questions that I seriously have no answers to.

I feel like this kind of status quo about doing whatever is needed to survive even if it goes against your principles is just accepted in general. Probably we as programmers are in a very unique position and niche that allows us to actually question it and look for healthier options since the market is big. Others not doing this profession don't get such a privilege.

@vascorsd Nobody seem to have an answers to these. Some believe they have, but their reasoning is outright flawed. So, not counted.
Although it still makes sense to ask, in hope for at least partial answers.

One aspect here is the origin of the principles: many people apparently accept that the principles are just false, and one should do whatever they can to survive, and those who can't, shouldn't.

@vascorsd I don't think of myself as having a privilege just because of the things I had to learn. But at least I was able to, so it may be still considered as a privilege, I suppose.
Then again, it doesn't appear like I have whole lot of power from it.

Either way, I don't think it has that much to do with privilege and being in a position. So everybody, including us and programmers, should do whatever they can, and don't wait for somebody to change the situation for the better.

@xiroux I'm sorry. I truly hope it gets better eventually or that at least you can find something that strikes a nice enough balance. I've been struggling with this for a while too and it's a little soul crushing 😔

@vascorsd I have have some options now, but it's frustrating to look for something mildly interesting, or at least ethical, and find 1 suck position, if lucky, in 1000000 offers.I hope you are out of that now! :)

I really understand it. I've been scrolling around some stuff and most is about things I don't want to get involved with. I'm really at my limit right now with selling my soul to the devil, doing something so absolutely wrong and against my principles that I'm at a point of being kinda lost.

There's some reasons why I'm so strong advocate in some issues like privacy. I've been on the side of those who destroy it for a little while. It's not getting any better.

hah, i just mean i can relate a lot
i had a similar thought and am about to enter the industry

Oh god, you are just entering. I truly hope you get something nice.

@vascorsd I've been looking for work for the past four months and holy shit this is a colossal mood

Hope you find something that fits your morals. Bu experience I can truly say that you can't work fighting with your moral compass for too long. The burnt out comes silently but it eventually arrives. 🗿

Good luck 🤗

This is perhaps especially true in Data Science, where the high-demand work is all about helping build surveillance capitalist or marketing/analytics shitware.
A tech coop that offered outsourced services to these shitty companies could probably then allocate a more generous 50% "actually good for the world work" time, I think/hope. Keep more profit from the work -> less of a lifestyle downgrade when choosing ethical work.

I've not being following much of the data science positions but the few I've come across is like you say, most about analytics, capitalism surveillance state or other morally wrong things. Seems very harsh. We are in difficult times indeed.


I would love to be in your position allready to see thar for myself... still, i think if UBI gets going everywhere, this becones a viable way to spend time... but at the same time... if you have a project idea and its good you may survive by donations! Thats the thing with programmers... their advice mostly assume godlike attention spans! But thus is the fate of engineers! Unlimited lust for knowlwedge... in amy case, dont burn out!

Yeah I agree. I've dreamt about a world with UBI a few times. It would be very nice. The thing with starting something good for your mind as a side project as donations or something similar is really hard for most ppl because many already work full time and then have a life to live afterwards. Not for everyone but congrats to averyone who is able to.


Yeah but if you have a schedule you can try! Put your skin in the game try it... its not impossible...

@wardPlaced yeah, I'm totally trying to have a better schedule and time management to try to fit things. So it shall become better 😊

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