‘My GitHub account has been restricted due to US sanctions as I live in Crimea.’ (Project status · Issue #289 · tkashkin/GameHub) -

@SwindlerOfInsanity @vascorsd It doesn’t seem to impact any of his open source work, though. It only affects his private repositories. According to his own account, he can still commit to public repositories.

@vascorsd This is the major downside of centralizing your entire project, you’ve just introduced a single point of failure. And now that single point has failed. Git was designed to be decentralized, and communication about projects used to be mainly on decentralized platforms too (IRC, Email). If people were to go back to decentralized services, this wouldn’t be as big of a problem as it is now.

@tyil @vascorsd Most people use git like subversion and would be better off with the latter.
I said it, I say it and will say it again. ;-)

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