Was looking into nice stuff to watch, found Stargate: Origins, but looking at the rating and reviews in imdb I'm so very horrified and dissapointed :(

@vascorsd oh yeah. it IS well produced, though. and like 20 minutes total..

@mngrif I'm so sad. I was really hoping to see something more powerful and long lived in the same universe 😭

@vascorsd yep. unfortunately they made several boneheaded decisions like only releasing it on their netflix-like, and only doing like 3 minute episodes. episodes of stuff that no fan wanted. the time period it covers is already well documented in existing episodes (and in the original movie itself).

@mngrif I can't understand the decision process at all for those that gave the greenligth on something like this. So many things could've been done. So much lore and amazing background to use and expand. Why try to retell something like the beggining in a worse way and episode format...

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