last time I checked it seemed like mumble had moved away from making it easy to self host and more of a Software as a Service type model? was this just a misleading website or was that the case and is that currently the case?

@mal From what I know one of the good points and which is repeated a lot is about it being self-hostable. It's even talked about in the release notes.

I'd say maybe the documentation was not that good?

I have to say I haven't tried so not sure how complicated it could be.


I was just looking online and I see what the issue is

when you search mumble online (at least on ddg), the first result is a hosting provider, and then you don't find the correct actual website

@mal @vascorsd If you know where to look (or what to search for) it's pretty straightforward, but as you note, searching for "mumble" won't get you very far.

The server component is actually called "murmur", and if you search "how to set up murmur" you'll get to where you want to be: https://wiki.mumble.info/wiki/Murmurguide.
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