GitHub, f*ck your name change.. Tech industry be whilin. | by MooseyAnon | Mar, 2021 | Medium -

@vascorsd The article asserts "Regardless, did anyone try to reach out to black software engineers or developers to find out how offensive we actually found the term or what would be the best approach to make black people feel more welcome in the industry? Fuck no, they already got the answers Sway, why talk to us?"

The master -> main move is a thing at my Megacorp-class employer as well, and it's for a good part driven by some of my Black/PoC/whatever-they-call-themselves-these-days (honestly, I've lost track!) coworkers - for crying out loud, we have a "Chief Diversity Officer" that probably fit that bucket and likely had a say in that initiative!
Other coworkers from that same category (yuck, I dislike sorting people in buckets or categories, but here we are) probably couldn't care less about "master" in that context but that doesn't mean that nobody has been asked.

So yeah, nice rant, and yes, that word change won't "fix inequality". But apparently it makes some subset of people more comfortable for ~no cost, so as long as it's only seen in that context (and not as a cure-all so that now we can all go back to suppressing people, just with different words) why get railed up about it?

@vascorsd I read this text and totally agree.
Being a white guy, I also see zero value in this damn renaming. Hiring more diverse people seems a much better idea to me.

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