Hey mastodon admins, the 25th may is coming closer and so the #GDPR. I don't think the Data Protection Authorities will be a big problem at the moment, they are also overwhelmed by the new regulations and they would try to solve the problem in a favorable way before sanctioning an instance.
The real problem will be lawyers trying to gain money from instances which don't follow the regulations imposed by the GDPR. So the big question is, what do we need to do to comply these rules? #mastoadmin


@leah i don't think it is compliant probably. Information about who is handling info, how info is being processed and for what purposes, making sure logging and auditing don't save any personal info like ips, opt in stuff probably needed in some places, make sure requests to delete user data are actually followed up and that you can delete all the data of a user... Etc... I'm probably not correct on most of these things, but throwing some points around that could be missing.

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