so cute. the amount of color effects by default is very nice. the sound of the keys much more pleasant than I was expecting.

Well I guess I'll try going with a side layout for now. Was trying a dock (latte-dock) and I can't for the life of me like it in any kind of way. I don't understand docks.

I like what I have here, will keep this configuration for a while.

It seems I'm going to see the pikachu detective movie.

Pros and cons of using scala 😂. I also always blame java and jvm for its worst 😌.

Another great one is starting. I'm loving this.

"Seeing Arrows below the code" by Narek Asadorian

The second talk is starting. So far it has been truly a joy being at .

Second day of conference is starting. Galaxy brain: type-dependence and state-dependence in property-based testing with Erik Osheim.

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