Wait wait, I've been avoiding starting the Arifureta since I've already read all the available and I totally love it, but this first episode starts a little too far ahead skipping a bunch of stuff. It's weird this way.

ahah I just connected a wild external hard drive I had around while "cleaning up" and damn, have I found my stash of 900GB of 😂 .

Also cringe photos of me from 2007, oh god why.

Plus a lots of wallpapers I had the foresight to download with huge resolutions even when I only had a 1024x768 screen. Useful now on my 1080p one :blobnom:

Holy fucking shit 33 people confirmed dead already 😭 😭 😭

Fire in KyoAni building in .


Saw third episode of Kimetsu no Yaiba and this thing is amazing good. Was curious and went to check the , seems to be chapter 5. It's adapting page by page and panel by panel in such a graceful and amazing way that I'm totally surprised and happy. Totally was not expecting this. :blobmiou:

Kimetsu no Yaiba is for sure starting really strong. Second ep continues strongly where it left off.

Dam it, was looking into an external hard drive and clicked around on the folder... Now I'm rewatching some oreimo episodes. It's not fair 😑

wosh, new Kenja no Mago for this season starts really good. Loved the first ep.

r-a-d.io and listen.moe have destroyed me for life.

music online radio streams are god sent.

And masterani.me is busted. There goes the best streaming site. Fuck everything.

Damn, this season is really really good. Some mature anime sometimes is nice.

Started watching the Attack on Titan and it is actually not as nad as I had imagined it :aaaa:

Kinda totally awkward that listening to some radio dialogue in japanese is actually around 50% understandable. Like, I don't have specifics of what's being talked but I get the feeling more or less what's is going on. wtf xD. Like if 10 years or more of watching anime actually has any effect :thaenkin:

If only there was ever a good adaptation of Negima into I would be constantly watching it. Only good thing is the ovas. Damn, I miss the story.

Finished re watching Fullmetal alchemist brotherhood yesterday and it truly is worth to re watch it sometimes. That thing is really good and over the years you learn to appreciate even more some points of the stories. When you rewatch stuff you always catch little things extra or go deeper into meaning of stuff.

Am bored. Started rewatching FMA Brotherhood on netflix. Had forgotten how awesome the OPs were.

The OP theme for the "That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime" is really nice and one of the few ones I actually watch and listen to every week.

Was looking at the releases for the season and damn, the Dororo anime seems beatiful and with a powerful story at least from the description and the trailer.

The other day I was going over some suggestions, hoping to find something pleasurable to hit that sweet spot I've been missing lately. Now I'm seeing Dakara Boku wa, H ga Dekinai. (myanimelist.net/anime/12549/Da) and I can say it fits :blobmiou: . No idea how I've missed these things over the years.


This thread is pure feels based telling about favorite scenes. Holding back to not cry.

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