I'd really appreciate if the "digital nomad" name would dissappear.

Everytime I read that my brain parses as "digital monad" and I'm always sad and disappointed when I realize what the correct word is.

has broken me.

Weekly reminder: @LX_Scala@twitter.com conference is around the corner! Around 1 week left for the event.
If you haven't bought any tickets yet I'd hurry up. Check your communities for available discount codes.

All information available at lxscala-reactive.com/.

site has new information regarding speakers, schedule and workshops. The program is complete. The event is almost here so go buy your tickets, don't leave for the last days.


Any questions ask @LX_Scala@twitter.com.

"We may be able to make the 3 more idiomatic from a point of view".

It probably will help with lot of stuff.

Another great one is starting. I'm loving this.

"Seeing Arrows below the code" by Narek Asadorian

The second talk is starting. So far it has been truly a joy being at .

Second day of conference is starting. Galaxy brain: type-dependence and state-dependence in property-based testing with Erik Osheim.

Once again, thanks for all the submissions, there's lots of great content and it's going to be hard to choose. We take great care to look into each submission carefully. ❤️

For the distracted, will be a 2 days conference with talks on the second day with two available tracks. This will be a first for this conference. Don't miss it 😎.

weekly updates:
- CFP has ended
- we received great talk submissions. Thanks to all who have submitted
- confirmed: 3 talks + 1 workshop
- early bird tickets are ending soon (6th May)

Share the event to all your friends and buy tickets early ;)

Go get your tickets while it's hot - lxscala-reactive-2019.eventbri

More news about selected speakers and talks in the following days, don't miss it.

LambdaConf 2019 Full Agenda Published (June 5 - 7, Boulder CO) - redd.it/bjciai

This sounds interesting.

Typedefs - Typedefs is a programming language agnostic, algebraic data type definition language, written in Idris.


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