Nãoo sei quantas pessoas aqui da grande Lisboa e arredores me seguem, mas:

O @LX_Scala é já esta quinta e sexta! Aproveitem bilhetes com desconto para quem ainda não comprou! Evento de e em , totalmente a não perder.

Another great one is starting. I'm loving this.

"Seeing Arrows below the code" by Narek Asadorian

This sounds interesting.

Typedefs - Typedefs is a programming language agnostic, algebraic data type definition language, written in Idris.


people, regular reminder: LXScala is still accepting speakers. It's gonna be in July, amazing weather in center with some cool people already confirmed. Don't miss the opportunity ;)


"Gleam is a statically typed functional programming language for building scalable concurrent systems.

It compiles to Erlang and has straightforward interop with other BEAM languages such as Erlang, Elixir and LFE."
- github.com/lpil/gleam
- gleam.run/

The next conference is getting ready for you. A new site is up, start thinking about submissions and hope see you around Lisbon in June. Check out lxscala-reactive.com/

«Just blogged, 'The Functional Scala Concurrency Challenge'. Submit your solutions in the next 4 weeks! Good luck, and above all, have fun! 🎉💯


from twitter: twitter.com/jdegoes/status/110

Real World Halogen released: a PureScript single-page app and learning resource - redd.it/afx6xm

If a language has functions as values (receives and returns functions), only immutable data types and good sugar for partial application of functions, do you even need or care for closures that capture arbitrary outside values in scope? Besides syntax.

So, , does a monoid exist for Graph structures where the relations are labeled?

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