Eight years ago this month, the Nokia N9 went on sale. It was Nokia's first and last MeeGo device. It could have been the first of a modern Linux-based line of devices, but Nokia had already chosen Microsoft as its way forward. - redd.it/d0twtt

I dont' understand why dafuq it's 2019 and linux UX is so shitty omfg. Why dafuq do I have to spend hours to make git use properly the SSH_ASKPASS variable so it uses ksshaskpass ?? Fuck my fucking life. Nothing works. All instructions on the internet are shit omfg. Seems like some dumb people write stuff and everybody just copy pastes scripts. If only this shit I found worked - bugzilla.mindrot.org/show_bug. - then I could force the "always" part to work. But of course it doesn't.

Well I guess I'll try going with a side layout for now. Was trying a dock (latte-dock) and I can't for the life of me like it in any kind of way. I don't understand docks.

I like what I have here, will keep this configuration for a while.

tip to self: remember to not reboot the computer/login in the system with external hdmi connected. dpi gets reset to 96, sddm screen gets smaller and intellij picks wrong dpi and starts too small. Rebooting with hdmi unconnected and only connect when already in the session makes everything work as expected.

Can't wait for the time when we can finally kill all the x11 legacy shit around our computers.

I can't believe there's no easy an quick way to change audio output to a new available port on the volume switch widget. I have to open pavucontrol-qt to change the profile to be able to use hdmi port or change the configuration of the volume widget. Makes no sense. 🤬

Do you know what I'd really like? Having systemd vconsole settings actually being applied before it asking for luks password and not afterwards during normal boot process. It's irritating. I even already tried to change the hook to install the service directly but no changes. grrr

Finally managed to install my newest ( of course) in a way that I wanted, using proper encrypted filesystem and stuff like that. Not that hard, but really wanted to know where I was going in.

Now, installed to try it again and always feels the same, little cuts everywhere. But it's much better than before.

I have 3 different mouse pointers at the same time just moving it around. Also it keeps fucking up the language and translation of things for some weird reason.

It's fucking ridiculous that we are in the year 2019 and there is no simple solution that is quick, easy and non-destructive for putting multiple random iso files in a usb drive without formatting it and just boot one of them from UEFI for UEFI. Stop creating and supporting legacy booting and specially cd/dvd booting as the main documented way. I haven't used a cd drive since at least 10 years ago.

This is frustrating. All available ways and tools are bad.

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