Government revive push to make apps like WhatsApp and iMessage weaken protections so they can read messages -

Great thread.

Google reCAPTCHA service under the microscope: Questions raised over privacy promises, cookie use -

Youtube will start to demand ID / credit cards information from European users. -

Australian border employee hands phone back to citizen after forced airport search & states ‘It was nice to see some normal porn again’ in reference to his girlfriend's nude photos -

Tweet from Stuart A. Thompson ( - Stuart A:

When we first started working with the data, we wanted to see if any sensitive sites were included. I zoomed into the Pentagon and saw this.

Our jaws hit the floor.

Full piece:

New German draft law wants to force Google, Facebook and others to save their users passwords unencrypted to "help" the police with investigations on hate speech if they need access to user accounts. Note: Article is in German

Are You One Of Avast’s 400 Million Users? This Is Why It Collects And Sells Your Web Habits. -

China introduces mandatory face scans for customers who have been issued new phone numbers | The Japan Times -

Mass. State Police Tested Out Boston Dynamics’ Spot The Robot Dog. Civil Liberties Advocates Want To Know More -

Swedish Parliament aims to allow Police to circumvent encryption, install trojans and spy through camera and microphone -

France set to roll out nationwide facial recognition ID programme -

Amazon Announces Alexa Powered Glasses, Finger Ring, and Other Dystopian Nightmares -

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