Question for the nerds, is there any good examples or projects that deal with raw sockets and custom protocols that are not http related? Want to do something more lower level and not sure where to look for good ways to manage the connections and parsers, etc

So, I can't download artifacts from GH actions from curl? It's making creating a PKGBUILD to download the scalafmt native binary from there a nightmare. Also sucks hard that there is no link on the release to the exact artifact and I have no manually match the git commit 🤬.

Oh dear nightmare bed time stories as usual.

Lately I've been trying to package for some tools, especially their native versions. Still ongoing and I don't have much time for it. Eventually I really wanna try full build them instead of copying the binaries from github.

GADTs By Use Cases (ScalaIO 2019 Workshop) [x-post from /r/scala] -

Some ppl: is really smart, they enforced {} in if expressions for example so you don't need to put () around the boolean condition and that really helps in being more clear and simple.

Others: we totally want and deserve to live in a world of pain with full whitespace indents.

Everyone wanting a simpler : I just want to not have to change () into {} when I want to write multiple lines in a map or so.

Mr odersky: i totally understand, here, go get it - - >

One of the few things I know for sure in this world is that once you use a play framework version you ain't gonna update ever again. Unless there's a full time job just for that. Which is obviously good.

This is the "rant" for the week 😀

Recovering errors on an EitherT where the F could be failed after a biSemiFlatMap, it's possible, but took too fucking long to find -

Defined at: catsDataMonadErrorFForEitherT

Nãoo sei quantas pessoas aqui da grande Lisboa e arredores me seguem, mas:

O @LX_Scala é já esta quinta e sexta! Aproveitem bilhetes com desconto para quem ainda não comprou! Evento de e em , totalmente a não perder.

I highly advise you all to look into Great supporters of all events 😉😉

Show thread also comes with a great workshop that involves actors and clusters with . Highly recommended and a huge opportunity to get deep into these technologies with great support from

Show thread is going to give a workshop on "Building Scala Microservices". If you are interested in the hype of the microservices or want to learn all the little details on how to put a proper production ready service in then you should totally attend.

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Weekly reminder: conference is around the corner! Around 1 week left for the event.
If you haven't bought any tickets yet I'd hurry up. Check your communities for available discount codes.

All information available at

site has new information regarding speakers, schedule and workshops. The program is complete. The event is almost here so go buy your tickets, don't leave for the last days.

Any questions ask

"We may be able to make the 3 more idiomatic from a point of view".

It probably will help with lot of stuff.

From the talk, moving from to :
- less things to teach new people
- much faster to get productive


Pros and cons of using scala 😂. I also always blame java and jvm for its worst 😌.

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