I can't believe there's no easy an quick way to change audio output to a new available port on the volume switch widget. I have to open pavucontrol-qt to change the profile to be able to use hdmi port or change the configuration of the volume widget. Makes no sense. 🤬

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KDE Plasma 5.16.2 Desktop Environment Released with More Than 30 Bug Fixes

Humans are not ready to deal with computers. I propose a full ban on developing software. This shit is total insane.

I highly advise you all to look into @ScalaTimes@twitter.com. Great supporters of all events 😉😉

@mckeeh3@twitter.com also comes with a great workshop that involves actors and clusters with . Highly recommended and a huge opportunity to get deep into these technologies with great support from @lightbend@twitter.com.

@alexey_novakov@twitter.com is going to give a workshop on "Building Scala Microservices". If you are interested in the hype of the microservices or want to learn all the little details on how to put a proper production ready service in then you should totally attend.

The first day - 4th July - is going to have workshops only. An intense hands-on-approach with @ivantopo@twitter.com to learn all about instrumentation, metrics and tracing on the jvm. I won't miss it and you also shouldn't. Haven't seen any production code yet where Kamon is not used 😉.

Weekly reminder: @LX_Scala@twitter.com conference is around the corner! Around 1 week left for the event.
If you haven't bought any tickets yet I'd hurry up. Check your communities for available discount codes.

All information available at lxscala-reactive.com/.

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@Muto @Kohlrabe we encourage everyone to test #siskinim and #beagleim #xmpp clients and report any issues to help.tigase.net/ so we will be able to fix them _pronto_ :-)

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After programming in #Scala, you end up developing a life-long obsession with conciseness that is hard to shake off.

Daily stupid reminder about the world: there are people that don't understand the difference between text inside and image and normal regular text that you can actually copy past on the computer.

I got 99 problems and you could be one 😉.

I think I just invented the best hookup line in my life.

I should cancel netflix or something. I'm totally bored and there's close to zero things I want to watch there. The few I want are not there because of region differences. Piracy fits so much more.

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"Software is deeply intertwined with all means of production, communication, and travel. We are quickly approaching a society in which every action is determined, predicted, or prevented by an algorithm. This lack of tension, while injustice remains the status quo, is what negative peace [as described by MLK] looks like."

-- FSF Bulletin, Spring 2019

PSA: if you use *react-native-device-info* and your android builds are failing out of nowhere today, this is probably why - redd.it/c1uolo

Six more devices from ThinkPenguin, Inc. now FSF-certified to Respect Your Freedom — Free Software Foundation — working together for free software - fsf.org/news/six-more-devices-

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