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Richard Stallman was speaking about free software and privacy at Microsoft HQ in Redmond today, to a packed room of curious employees -

Juvix: dependent-linearly-typed core language with optimal reduction and interaction nets -

Google accused of secretly feeding personal data to advertisers -

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When I get a bit more time, #Subspace is my next task. It's a nice gui for managing #WireGuard. With it, I can quickly and easily let people use my VPN without nearly as much hassle.


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What OS camp are you in? Hopefully this will be big so please boost so we can get as many votes as possible
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After nearly a year since releasing the alpha version of Tor Browser on Android, it's time to sunset Orfox 🌇

Thanks to the work of our friends at Guardian Project and members of our community who helped pave the way for Tor Browser on Android with Orfox.

You'all welcome. I accept thanks in the form of pats on the head, crypto currencies or by spreading the ways of the free software and fighting the dangers of closed source unethical software.

Existential isolation, feeling alone in one’s experience and separate from other human beings, is related to higher levels of death-related thoughts, suggests new research (n=1,914). Existential isolation is not just another form of loneliness, as loneliness did not produce the same effects. -

Let's all depress together that tomorrow is monday again and all that went away on friday will come again to haunt us for another long week until it's weekend again.

The cycle is infinite.

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The world needs more signs like this. ^_^

Curiously, despite the poetic meme being very Chinese, the Chinese on the sign may itself be a bad translation from the English:

I've seen 7 episodes. Please dont watch it. It fails in so many aspects. You can't feel anything for the characters or what they are experiencing. It trashes over the previous existing material.

Of course I went to search to vent my frustration, and at least someone has explained how bad this was better than me -

Let's see a few more.

Just finished first episode. I'm sad. This could've been great. 😭

I remember this should've all been a long process and take a while. And very painful. It's also implying best girl is fast approaching which should also take a while longer.

Damn, the anime makes it not really that impactful and basically skips to the keyparts. You lose the impact and the shock of all that really happens. It makes it feel cheap. Damn, now I'm annoyed. The mental transformation and the trauma are so much better in the manga.

Wait wait, I've been avoiding starting the Arifureta since I've already read all the available and I totally love it, but this first episode starts a little too far ahead skipping a bunch of stuff. It's weird this way.

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