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I've been using Mastodon for several months now and I've been really happy with where its going. The progression and support of the software and community has been amazing to witness. There are now millions of registered accounts across tens of thousands of instances. I've bumped up to the next tier on Patreon. If you're able to contribute a dollar or two, please do so. Developing, testing, moderating and hosting are not cheap.

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There, now I pinned my last toot to make a line in my profile to separate my pinned toots from my other toots.

Listening to the Minecraft soundtrack in honor of .

Moog City 2 still brings shivers down my spine.

The "What We Left Behind" Star Trek DS9 documentary was beautifully done. I really hope CBS decides to release DS9 in HD. I am a firm believer that a big part of why people didn't like it when it was airing in the 90s was because you couldn't binge watch it. If you missed an episode, you had no easy way of seeing it until a re-run or it was released on VHS/DVD. You're looking at the first show on television with a deep serialized story with heavy character investment. Truly ahead of its time.

I think I need a 3D printer just to be able to print off cool figures and areas

There needs to be a Q episode in Discovery in order to make it officially part of the franchise.

Every year, I have to pay money to obtain software in order to pay the government my taxes. If I don't and I file manually, which I've never done because I've been alive with computers my whole life, it would take me forever and I would very likely fuck it up. The tax prep lobbists would never allow the government to make filing your taxes easy or convenient.

playing minecraft in bed at 4pm like an absolute mad cunt

It’s getting to the ridiculous point now where now I use 12 different chat apps for the different people I regularly communicate with.

Maybe Airbnb should be illegal in the cities that are having major homelessness problems like Seattle and San Francisco.

Anyone cool here living in the Sydney CBD area? First pint is on me if we meet up. I’m visiting and don’t want to hang out with just coworkers this trip. I want to meet locals.

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