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I've been using Mastodon for several months now and I've been really happy with where its going. The progression and support of the software and community has been amazing to witness. There are now millions of registered accounts across tens of thousands of instances. I've bumped up to the next tier on Patreon. If you're able to contribute a dollar or two, please do so. Developing, testing, moderating and hosting are not cheap.

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We as a species need to stop rewarding entitled, rich morons with attention.

A good bonus to wearing a mask at the grocery store is that I get to sing along to embarrassing songs in secret.

I sincerely hope all other countries prohibit travelers from the US. It would hopefully show the idiots in this country that this isn’t a local political issue, but a global health one.

I wish people would stop using the word “bastard”. It was meant to be derogatory or an insult to someone in ancient times whose parents weren’t married when they were conceived, which isn’t in one’s control and in today’s world, that’s a lot of people.

HTTP status emojis:

- 200 👍
- 201 🆕
- 301 👉
- 400 👎
- 401 🔒
- 402 💰
- 403 🚫
- 404 🤷‍♂️
- 408 ⌛️
- 410 💨
- 418 🍵
- 500 💩

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Since the military steals half our tax money anyway, why not have them develop an effective, non-lethal weapon designed for police officers and take away their guns? Like a Star Trek stun phaser. Giving guns to cops is basically giving them a license to kill, making them judge, jury and executioners.

government rant 

1 time stimulus checks aren’t going to help people. People need to continually pay for housing, healthcare, food, etc. We need UBI. Instead, “elected” officials are robbing the country and giving for-profit companies all of our tax money. Bailing out for-profit companies should be flat out illegal. Let them fail and burn. People will buy up their liquidated assets and new players will rise to take their place. Isn’t that how your beloved capitalism is supposed to work?

Nothing like a wave of imposter syndrome kicking in after doing a presentation on what you’ve been working on for the last few months. The 5 star feedback is making it worse.

The rest of the world will open up and ban all Americans from entering their country. America will be in quarantine until everyone gets it.

Managed to save my purple tree collard cutting. I thought it died. I put an empty milk carton on it to act as a green house. Success!

They weren’t kidding when they said corn are really sweet. Oh my god they’re sweet. Like so sweet that you can barely eat them alone.

I’ve been playing a lot of Stardew Valley lately. That game is a treasure.

I recently learned that dandelions are fully edible and have a lot of uses, but we were taught that they’re just weeds. So I did some yardwork yesterday and pulled some out to try and eat their roots. Eating it raw wasn’t too bad, tasted like an unsweetened carrot. Then I cut it up and fried it in a pan with some salt, pepper and olive oil. Not bad but still a bit hard, probably should have sautéed them longer. I think I might experiment putting them in the instant pot for better results.

Corporations are corporations, we should never forget that and we should find a decentralized way to manage git repositories.

How GitHub blocked me (and all my libraries) - Nikolay - Medium

I went on a walk today. It was pleasant. I saw a couple wild bunnies eating in front of a neighbors house.

It should illegal for a for-profit company to have the word “open” it its name if it’s not open source.

With all of these companies on the brink of death, the mega corps are going to swoop in and “save them” by buying them in a fire sale.

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