LOLOLOLOLOL just saw this when I did a search.

I think that Captain Sisko would have done the opposite of Piccard in that case.

Star Trek TNG - 5x23
I love the moral integrity episodes.

John Oliver’s bit on Facebook being a toilet was great. Hope it leads to many new Mastodon users.

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While I very much appreciate the chronological timeline, and believe it should be the default, sometimes I find it hard to find people/toots that I want to see or have more in-common with. Can we add hashtags to custom lists? Can we add an optional algorithmic feed based on data or keywords in my profile or toots I've starred/boosted? Or do these feature requests go strongly against the core philosophies of Mastodon?

I have to decide between like 8 games to play:

1. Octopath Traveler
2. The Witcher III
3. No Man's Sky
4. Final Fantasy XIII or XV
6. Super Mario Odyssey
7. Stardew Valley
8. Finish Zelda Breath of the Wild (stuck in one of the divine beasts)

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Sorry Sony but I’m done re-buying the same games over and over again.

It should be illegal for a person or company to publish articles about the stock price of a company when they hold any shares in the company they're writing about or any of their competitors. All these headlines are just scare tactics to buy/sell.

Just saw an ad to install an ad remover.

zomg that Big Hero 6 wannabe of a movie called "Next Gen" is TERR_I_BLE.

I remember when I was younger, I used to really like The Oatmeal. its just a bunch of puking cartoons and cats that are supposed to be funny. I remember the older comics were funny and relevant. Is it that I got old or did the quality take a dump?

Wow. I feel so deceived right now. If you contribute to a creator on Patreon for $1, they only get 66% of your donation. 34% goes to payment processing fees and Patreon itself. I understand the economics behind payment processing fees for small amounts, but this just feels like robbery. This is going to force me to cut down on the number of creators I support and give more to only a few creators to offset these fees.

Why is there no digital equivalent of me handing someone a dollar bill?

Why do humans create such fine and beautiful works of fiction for children that teach good human morals and love but fail to follow those messages as adults?

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