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Styrofoam should be illegal by now

I’ve lost trust in the Syfy channel. They really can’t comprehend how amazing The Expanse is. They’ve killed too many other really good shows in the past.

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New #Release: #0AD #Alpha 23 #KenWood
0 A.D. | A free, open-source game of ancient warfare']0 A.D. is a free, open-source, historical Real Time Strategy (RTS) game currently under development by Wildfire Games, a global group of volunteer game developers.

People around me think I’m a weirdo for growing my own food at my house. Someday they’ll understand.

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The mastoverse, as part of an assignment for a uni subject. More visualizations soon #gephi #dataviz

8 days, 4 trays = 4 lb of edible greens (pea shoots and broccoli microgreens)

I became a patron for Mastodon today. You should too. It's only a dollar a month. That's 1/5 of a grande mocha from Starbucks. @Gargron deserves at least that.

PSA: Xmarks is being killed tomorrow (May 1). Save your bookmarks!

Last week I started growing microgreens at home. This is day 7 of broccoli. I think I kept them covered for a day or two too long but they should be green tomorrow now that they’re under lights.

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Using your face or fingerprint to unlock your devices is equivalent to using a clear text password. It’s “clear view”.

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France confirms that Matrix (and Riot) is the basis for their upcoming secure communication app for official government use, and will be 100% FOSS! Exciting times :D

Allow *me* to mark all images as sensitive from a specified domain (not all federated domains or nothing). Can't seem to trust users to self-police and moderators can't police that quickly. physically impossible

My favorite show right now is The Expanse.

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The Most #Accurate #Star #Map Ever Was Just #Released, And It's Already #Changing #Astronomy

1.7 billion stars! We can't breathe.…

Ubuntu 18.04 LTS looks amazing

This song is amazing ====> Ferry Corsten - Wherever You Are ft HALIENE

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This may actually be a good time to appreciate services like


for setting up your own instance with the help of an experienced sys-admin. You get the domain you want, and you can build your own community and invite your friends.