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Turned on the old mining rig, but not for cryptocurrency mining. Doing Folding@home instead. Better than letting it collect dust.

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AI would be useful for space exploration and research. Our fragile human bodies can't survive cosmic ray exposures.

Firefox is now more important, isolated and vulnerable. Some suggested ways we can support it:
• Set it as your default browser. And if you're back home with family over Christmas, suggest/set as their default too.
• When you hear web devs say "can't everyone just use Chrome", please challenge it.
• Contribute to Mozilla-led projects, e.g. MDN Docs: smashingmagazine.com/2018/05/c
• Donate to Mozilla if you can: donate.mozilla.org

Holy shit. So I used google maps on my home today (because there was an accident) and at one point the voice directions was like “take a left onto 197th street after the jack in the box”
I was like wtf she said jack in the box!? Googles new stream of ad revenue: incorporating a business name in the voice directions. This is our world now.

Fithos Lusec Wecos Vinosec
Fithos Lusec Wecos Vinosec
Fithos Lusec Wecos Vinosec

I've been using Mastodon for several months now and I've been really happy with where its going. The progression and support of the software and community has been amazing to witness. There are now millions of registered accounts across tens of thousands of instances. I've bumped up to the next tier on Patreon. If you're able to contribute a dollar or two, please do so. Developing, testing, moderating and hosting are not cheap.

Hey, I'm Mandy Jacek!

I make games by day, and art by night.
I'm an associate technical artist working at EA Motive. I'm working on my first webcomic, Wander, about a tiny magic robot on an adventure to recover his memories and find his lost friend.

☕️ ko-fi.com/mandyjacek
👜 inprnt.com/gallery/mandyjacek/
📖 pillowfort.io/mandyjacek
📬 mandyjacek@gmail.com

Thanks for stopping by! ✨

testing a post of my art, here's some of my pokemon paintings!

Lord cast your light upon us. The night is dark and full of Chrono Trigger.

Just walked into a Moroccan restaurant here in San Francisco. Updates to follow.

Omg this Habit RPG game/task/habit manager looks interesting. This will trick me into becoming a better, creative, productive person.

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