@vashio I solved this by ignoring everyone during a prolonged emotional/financial slough and now they've all forgotten I ever lived. I get in more exercise and art-time, so it worked out great. ;)

@amylsacks I’ve thought about that but I don’t think it would really work for me. I do cherish some of the people I’m in contact with and don’t really want to lose friends over their communication platform of choice. Although that does seem to be where things are headed anyway.

@vashio Understood. :) I probably shouldn't be so flip. It's how I cope with remembering the pre-internet era, and realizing the modern age is just an accelerated version of the dynamic once common to geographic changes and their effect on friendship.

Once, we promised to write even after our co-worker or neighborhood connections ended. But we rarely did. Now it's the same, but with social media replacing the jobsite and/or subdivision.

I wish I knew that many people using Signal

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