Couldn't decide whether I would choose a traditional look or a modern 2+2 setup. I combined them.

This small company in Wales, Riversimple, is building not just one but two new factories to build fuel cell cars. 😮

More sketches of what could possibly be my own bass. This time the headstock.

Any musicians out there? I'm designing a bass for myself and would like some feedback.

The body is shaped almost like a mustang but with slightly modified cutaways, a pickup mounted like a stingray and an esquire lookalike pickguard. Volume and tone are stacked. The bridge is a Gotoh WB2P.

The neck is fretless and is made with a 12" radius for a medium scale. The headstock is as close to the guitar version of a telecaster as I could make it. Angled Gotoh GB707 tuners.

unexpected request...

A short scale jazz-style bass guitar. Single Lace Aluma pickup behind ornamented chrome pickup guard. Warwick just-a-nut.

For a female bass player in the US. She allowed the publication.

Pencil drawing at 50% on two A3 sheets.

Sharing a talk from the swedish public service radio. Johan Rockström reports on the current climate situation. (91 min very compressed audio)

TL;DL - There's still a chance to set things right. ...but only just.

The aim would be to have global reports forming a holistic view of our planet and the people on it.

The future more or less demands a global view in order to solve the challenges ahead.

Would it be feasible to set up a Mastodon instance to form an online news site (similar to Slashdot)?

People on the fediverse would send articles to a limited set of editors that would sift, edit and then publish them on a continous feed.

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