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Anak Krakatoa could use a good babysitter. Any takers?

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USB-C docked #pinebookpro power-in, HDMI out (1440p), Ethernet, USB mouse + keyboard and even an auto-detected USB wireless headset. All this running with #Linux kernel 5.6 and Panfrost FOSS GPU driver.


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The bass guitar has 22 frets compared to the 20 frets of the original, so the cutaways had to be deeper.

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unexpected request...

A short scale jazz-style bass guitar. Single Lace Aluma pickup behind ornamented chrome pickup guard. Warwick just-a-nut.

For a female bass player in the US. She allowed the publication.

Pencil drawing at 50% on two A3 sheets.

Just one thing I forgot...

My vote goes to Dotter tonight. The only song with a message tonight. ...and the most emotional performance.

Voting begins. Thank you for putting up with my -toots!

Good night, Sweden. ...and the rest of you too.

Corona interviews... Microphone on a loooong boom.

12 really fast questions!

David looks soo cool playing that four string MusicMan but those notes couldn't be reached without the fifth string. Dancers get the disco living on stage.

Lots of winners tonight! I wnder who gets the votes...

The only swedish act this saturday. Who are like us? Anis got the entire Arena standing during the rehearsals so SVT had to change audience rules. ...but people are standing up anyway!


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