Second star to the right, straight on…♦
Second star to the right, straight on til morning.

Hey, everyone who uses #PixelFed. Did you know @dansup runs a Patreon to help fund development?

Please consider kicking in a $ or $$ to help make PixelFed even better:

It's Follow Friday!

@ansuz - Creator of @cryptpad, an awesome open source encrypted alternative to Google Docs!

@tom79 - Fedilab developer who is adding first class pixelfed support to the mobile app!

@Curator - Curator/Admin of, a great instance for artists of the fediverse!

@switchingsocial - An amazing collection of ethical, easy-to-use and privacy-conscious alternatives

And another one gone…and another one gone…and…
Well, there goes Google+. @keithhannon finally got his wish. It was better there...mostly because most people were on another thing. It would have been interesting to see how the G+ features would have held up under critical mass. Oh well. We should all have out own social spaces that we control anyway.

An Accidental 5 Mile Hike
Sunday. The Mount Lowe Canyon Loop. 3 miles? No problem. I guess we were supposed to turn around at one point. In the image below, red is the intended hike. Blue is what we did. (ignore the long straight line, GPS glitch)   Everett still seemed to enjoy himself. He slept through the hardest climb…[...]

I know, I know. I'm waaaaay behind on my gourd hoarding this year.

It's Brewery Artwalk time again! Come by 11a-6p both Saturday and Sunday. Check here for a map and more info on how to Artwalk:

New rule. Don't make kombucha and cook kabocha in the same week. You will never use the correct name for the correct thing.

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