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Vaughn Hannon

🎶 It's beginning to look a lot like Flynnmas! 🎶

Sigh. Halloween is gone and now we only have the War on Christmas(tm) to look forward to.

Is there anything better than a fresh, clean Ubuntu?

Friends! Art Walk is this weekend! 11a-6p both days. We won't be open but we'll be here wandering around. Come on by! Remember, get here early for the easiest parking or take public transportation/Lyft. Sunday looks to be a hot one, bring water.

hmmm. Do I buy all the new things or food for the baby? Still thinking...

"Can you believe what happened in Vegas?" Why yes I can. We have easy access to guns and poor access to mental health care.

I don't much care about football but every player should take a knee tomorrow. Every. Single. One.

To my friends who are on their way to or already nestled in the vacant heart of the wild west. Travel safe. Build well. Be foolish. Climb everything. Say yes. Burn. Return replenished. Yeti will join you again. Second star to the right, straight on til morning.

Ohoh. Twister is on. There goes the afternoon.

For any Trump supporters in my social feeds...please let me know the moment you realize how badly you were scammed. ACA markets profitable, stabilizing which sounds like the opposite of a death spiral.

I can't even imagine how many Republican heads would explode if Chelsea sat in for Hillary on any meeting. I can't even.