One of the things we’ve always had to imagine has been recorded and sent back to us from Mars. The Perseverance landing video that @NASAJPL shared today is just awesome. I can’t wait to see everything from this and future missions. @NASAPersevere (

Wow. Bloomberg confirms its much doubted Supermicro hack story and adds significant supporting details.

Ultimate told ya so.

The toddler has become very interested in who is right and who is wrong in various situations. I guess it’s time to get him a Twitter account. (

Is there any better feeling than riding a skateboard with fresh bearings? (

I’m not sure how the math works on this but if I have a pizza I will eat half of said pizza. Regardless of size. (

There sure is a lot of complaining from the right about Twitter et al. Perhaps they could pull themselves up by their bootstraps and build other platforms. I would point them towards open source options but that might feel too much like socialism. (

Today we find out just how many Republicans have had their fill of democracy. (

Drinking a Slow Riser Red Coffee Ale by @ChapmanCrafted @ Untappd at Home — (

Well. I should have paid real attention to that D in the DIPA. Still. Really flavorful and a nice citrus. – Drinking a Diamond Drive by @ModernTimesBeer @ Untappd at Home — (

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