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Vaughn Hannon @vaughnhannon

Ohoh. Twister is on. There goes the afternoon.

For any Trump supporters in my social feeds...please let me know the moment you realize how badly you were scammed. ACA markets profitable, stabilizing which sounds like the opposite of a death spiral.

I can't even imagine how many Republican heads would explode if Chelsea sat in for Hillary on any meeting. I can't even. A 360 time-lapse of the exciting world of soldering and LEDs! These will be installed in Cynthia Minet's latest project.

Happy Birthday to what's left of America. Let's hope you make it to your next birthday! Super-fast autonomous sumo bots! Japan does it again.

Sessions abruptly cancels his public testimony? Nobody could have seen that coming... One of my favorite talks from Augmented World Expo. Keith Boesky of Osterhout Design Group framed AR in its present state really well. He also gave us a little hope for the future. Oops, forgot to share Thursday 4 weeks ago yesterday. So here it is. More art! I didn't realize how big the Arsenale is so I saw maybe half of it...sigh. Breakfast in Paris. Dinner in Venice. Drinks and Cicchetti on a boat in a canal with friends.