@klaatu listing individual features misses the point; the idea is that if the software you use every day can't do "view source" on any command you run, it's defective. if you can't edit the source and see the effects of your change immediately: also really missing the point of software.

#emacs only happens to be the most widespread instance of this philosophy being applied, and the one with the richest history and active community.

I intend to share new blog posts on Twitter/Mastodon semi-automatically from now on. That's actually because I plan to use those networks *less* and blog more, so people who follow me here can know what I'm up to.

She summoned and bound a demon, to demand an answer:
"What is magic?"
"You sum-"
"This is not magic."
"No," the demon admitted, "this is mechanics. Magic is transformation."
"Like lead to gold?"
"Any guided change. Knitting, smithing - all magic."
"I can do magic?"
"You know it."

Positive comments about Linux 

LB sounds like the setup to a really good Doctor Who episode where he has to rescue the ship of the guy carrying the standard kilogram back to post revolutionary US from the pirates

downfav is my little #Rust app that downloads #Mastodon favourites.

It's incredibly stupid, it's not idiomatic Rust (more like "idiotic Rust") but Heck, I'm incredibly proud of it. git.juliobiason.net/downfav.gi

PSA Google Eats You - Important 

intergalactic customs agent: *reading my interstellar passport* "Ah, humans. A horny, and warlike race."

Me: [wearing nothing but lingerie and ray-guns under my trench coat] *laughs nervously*

hey what the fuck is the point of netflix if they //remove// stuff. they HAVE it, obviously, but they won't give it to me, even though i am paying for it

incredible bandwidth, unlimited storage, and we used it to invent a library with a fucking rotating catalogue. jesus christ

No alterations to software! OpenBSD hackathon rules are thougher every year.

Haven't been on Mastodon for a really long time, and it seems you hit a scroll-down limit pretty quickly in the home timeline if you don't access frequently. I had hit this problem before, but I imagined by now this would have been fixed.

I spend way too much time on social media and I intend not to anymore. I just don't have much fun with it anymore and I've been realizing how much of an addiction it is.

So I'm putting Mastodon to sleep for the time being.

Maybe I'll start blogging more; maybe not. But that will probably be my main online presence going forward.

So long, and thanks for all the fish. :)


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