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Vlasi word of the day #13 (catch-up):

erkwe! (interjection): eww!

I'm funding a small, independent team of up to five open source architects, engineers and designers to fix problems that were born at my company on my watch, that I've allowed to fester uninterrupted for a decade as I flapped about ineffectually and am now refusing to take responsibility for or acknowledge anyone else’s efforts to improve, something something scale.

Vlasi words of the day #11:

prīne (verb, transitive): to know (something)
za prīne: to find out, to learn

Vlasi words of the day #10:

kauna (noun, animate): sky
kauno (noun, inanimate): day

The succubus materialised in the pentagram, ready to fulfill any desire. The enchanter lifted their blanket.
"Come snuggle in, the film is about to start."

Vlasi words of the day #9:

derwa (noun, animate): tree
derwo (noun, inanimate): wood

Vlasi word of the day #8:

nūrne (verb, intransitive): to sleep

Vlasi word of the day #5:

welko (noun, animate): wolf

Me pra wélkoramo klūine.
I listen for wolves.

Vlasi words of the day #4:

klūine (verb): to hear
pa klūine: to listen to
pra klūine: to listen for (something)

i know i say it a lot but the only path to good software is to destroy capitalism

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Vlasi words of the day #3:

mīse (verb): to see
pa mīse: to look at
pra mīse: to watch

Me pa zóldemo mīse.
I look at the (falling) snow.

Interesting bit of trivia from a video about The Great Trigonometrical Survey: Everest did not approve of the mountain many know as Mount Everest Everest named after him. At the time the name was proposed he was the prior but now retired head of the survey. He'd made a practice of using local names and pointed out that even if locals disagreed what the peek should be called his name couldn't be accurately written in the local languages. The geographic committee ignored his letter of protest.

Vlasi words of the day #2:

zolde (noun, animate): snowfall, snow (the weather phenomenon)
zolda (noun, inanimate): snow (the substance)

is coming, folks! That's the thing where conlangers make a new word for their language(s) every day during December. I intend to participate this year for the first time, posting each word on Twitter and Mastodon. Let the games begin!

@hisham_hm Hey, what do you use for cross-posting on Twitter and Mastodon?

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